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onixbonilla October 5th 2010 21:36

911 gauges
Hi everybody! I am interested on 911 gauges for my 1303 with a Kerscher dash. Will like to know if there is any tutorial to make them work on our cars?
Or maybe you can guide me?
I am naive on this topic!

onixbonilla June 7th 2011 17:35

I did not found to much information on this topic. Anyway I manage to get
a custom set for my VW.:)

NO_H2O June 7th 2011 18:37

Nice set of gauges. If the tack is made for a 6 cyl. You may have to have it modified for a 4 cyl. North Hollywood Speedometer and Palo Alto Speedometer can do the job. I am sure there are others.

onixbonilla June 7th 2011 20:07

Thanks, these were modified by North Hollywood for my 1303.:)

NO_H2O June 7th 2011 20:31


Xellex June 8th 2011 04:50

nice set! They will look awesome on your bug for sure! The wiring is pretty easy to do. Right now I also made the speedo work, and the only one not working on my set is the oil tank level. It's nice that you had it converted to a voltmeter.
I wonder what they modify inside the tacho for the 4 cylinder conversion. Mine is still factory sealed and never opened, so I prefer not to mess with it, so I'm working with a friend of mine on a device that would go on the wire between the coil and tacho, and multiply/divide the coil signal pulses by 2/3. I hope it will work.

oasis June 12th 2011 00:08

NHS does great work. Those gauges are fine examples indeed :notworthy:

onixbonilla June 14th 2011 16:15

I would say this is one of those few times that the quality of the work is better than expected!:)

SuperRSi August 15th 2013 13:40

Did you ever get your dash in?

onixbonilla August 16th 2013 23:19

Hi SuperRSi! Well I finally fell to the "various projects at the same time" trap so I had not been able to install these! By the way I just realized that I have had those for 2 years!:(

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