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aartjan June 22nd 2006 13:35

Keversite Circuitdag - July 8th and 9th (NL)
On the 23rd of July last year the Keversite organised a track day where visitors could race their own beetle and take part in the surrounding activities. Young or old, stock or tuned air-cooled VW, it was fun for everyone. It proved to be a great success and everyone was extremely positive. This was illustrated by the large amount of visitors. It is because of this that the organisation has decided to follow this up.

On the 8th & 9th of July 2006 will organise their 2nd keversite circuitdag. The chosen venue is the RDW (ministry of transport) test track in Lelystad. A gigantic track with the latest technology. This venue is not normally open to the public. Only for the keversite circuitdag will the venue be transformed to host this unique and spectacular event.

During the event you can drive your own car on the RDW track in the competition. Above all there will be an official ¼ mile drag race. The organisation will invite the biggest names and fastest drivers to guarantee a spectacular race.

Activities include: Driving skills (track) competition, ¼ mile drag race, parts market, show ‘n’ shine, workshops, children’s activities and much more….

Admission: €10.00 per day
Driving skills (track) competition: €10.00 per registration
¼ Mile drag race: €10.00 per registration
Children up to 12 years free admission.
Overnight possibilities available.

Check for more info:

Racelook June 22nd 2006 14:33

I'll be there on sunday!!

Who from this site is also going??

Last year was verry good :D


aartjan June 22nd 2006 17:59

Hey Wieb, are you coming to show us your updates from last year?
KCD #1 : Showing the body
KCD #2 : Showing the pan
KCD #3 : Race it!!
:cool: ;)

There are already coming many many fast cars, so it will again be GL-heaven!

dirk.Gysbrechts June 24th 2006 02:23

Aart-Jan I will be there at Sunday also. I am looking forward too this!!! For me it is 200 km driving before too get there,but thats an part of the fun!!

See you!!!

Racelook June 26th 2006 18:31

Dirk, where off belgium are you from. Maybe we can drive together to Lelystad (i'm from Eindhoven).


p.s. you than have to be comfortable to drive at the back of an Opel:eek: :D

dirk.Gysbrechts June 27th 2006 14:56

Drive..after an OPEL????????? NO Way!!!

just kidding.

I am from Antwerpen and drive over Eindhoven indeed. I will sent you an PM with the hour i will start driving to Eindhoven so that we can make an appointment.

Racelook June 28th 2006 07:44



zen June 29th 2006 19:33

you guys are making me jealous. i want to go. :bawling:

be sure to take lots of pics. whoever does, just PM me and i will give you instructions on how to upload for them to be put into the new gallery.

aartjan July 4th 2006 08:17


Originally Posted by zen
be sure to take lots of pics

No problem!:)

Check out the 400+ photos of last year:

Compare the track we used last year (left) to the one we will use this weekend (right): :cool:

Program and map are available now (Dutch):

dirk.Gysbrechts July 10th 2006 01:24

some pictures from sunday..

dirk.Gysbrechts July 10th 2006 01:25

other pictures..

dirk.Gysbrechts July 10th 2006 01:26

and more

dirk.Gysbrechts July 10th 2006 01:26


dirk.Gysbrechts July 10th 2006 01:27

and driving back to home.... 8)

dirk.Gysbrechts July 10th 2006 01:28

some action pics..

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