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Panelfantastic July 21st 2006 19:56

STF crashed again?!?
Looks like the STF is down again. That site seems to have more than it's share of trouble.
Glad we seem to stay under the crash radar, THANKS to Zen! for all his hard work! :cool:


Mikey July 21st 2006 23:06

I second that, this site wouldn't be where it is if not for Zen.

Thanks for all the hardwork. :D

NO_H2O July 22nd 2006 04:22

That site always has problems. I hope it doesn't take long to get it back up.

oasis July 22nd 2006 05:10

Agreed. At least it doesn't appear to have been hacked this time.

alt+f4 July 22nd 2006 14:11

the search engine over there sucks too! You search for anything, and it comes up with Every non related post!!!

I am glad we have this place and SBO for us Super Lovers.

oasis July 22nd 2006 21:09

The site is up now ... but barely. They still have some tweaking to do.

zen August 7th 2006 13:43

thanks for the compliments. it is really just a matter of technology selections and how big of a target you are. phpBB which STF is built on has been a BIG target for the past year or so. unless you are right on top of the security announcements and patches, you run the risk. we are on vBulletin here, which is not open source, and doesn't seem to get attacked as much (but it still happens).

it is amazing how inconvenient a$$holes make life.

btw, i am still working on the revamp of this site. i changed direction yet again and am having to do a lot of rework, but this change will bring a lot of cool functionality with it. no change expected to the forums though. these will stay the same, but will be integrated to the front end of the site (if all goes well).

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