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kuna November 5th 2008 03:29

1303 dash - say what you think
Home made dash mod for 1303 beetle. Set of early 944 gauges + 3 VDO. All switches relocated (ashtray and speaker area), ventilation&heating 1303 stock and working (this was the hardest task). Dash is coverd with FLOCK, the same material is used in racing cars :) :) :) :)

work in progress.
- electric opening for front hood
- hand brake warning light instalation

BTW does anybody know if its possible to make 944 fuel gauge work with 1303 sender (with fuel reserve light)?

volkdent November 5th 2008 13:31

Pics aren't working...

owdlvr November 5th 2008 13:31


Jim November 5th 2008 14:24

we can't see the photos mate...

ricola November 5th 2008 17:06

Flocking looks good!

I pasted the pic links into the browser to see them, then they appeared in the message, odd!

Re: sender, you could probably just fit the Porsche sender in your tank...

randyj November 6th 2008 00:16


I followed Ricola's advice and was able to view your pictures. I right-clicked on the picture frame and then selected properties. I then pasted the address into another browser page.

Your dash looks great!
How did you build up the area for the 944 gauges?
Do you have any pictures of the making of he dash?


Jim November 6th 2008 03:21

Awesome dude!!!

Any other side of view of the dash?

oasis November 6th 2008 10:47

I, too, think results are outstanding. I, too, am very interested in these answers ...

Originally Posted by randyj (Post 68139)
How did you build up the area for the 944 gauges?
Do you have any pictures of the making of he dash?


Originally Posted by Jim (Post 68141)
Any other side of view of the dash?

helowrench November 6th 2008 10:58

very nice,
I have a parts car (924) coming a month or two from now, and I plan on using the instruments in my ghia. It is nice to see that somen=one else has done this.
Were there any particular areas that you had trouble with?


kuna November 7th 2008 09:05

link to my picassa album with photos, I have no idea why they aren't working.

It's std 1303 dashboard, I have cut out the orginal speedo area and created aluminium construction that holds 944 gauge mounting plate, after that everything was sprayed with foam ("growing" building foam, used for ex. to mount windows,doors) whitch was shaped (or rather sculpted :)) to reach the final shape, in the end all was coverd with glassfiber and putty finished.

Porsche sender won't work.... it's hmmm... tube-like, not floating :(

I will look for some photos I made earler with my cell-phone, but their quality won't be cool.

It's nice to read those all positive comments:) thanks!! :)
If you have any more questions just ask

Best regards.

evilC November 7th 2008 09:55

Nice job!


ricola November 7th 2008 12:26

I've seen a Porsche sender used in a standard bug before, the bolt pattern was near enough the same, just had to make up a spacer (about 2") so the tube sender doesn't sit on the bottom of the tank...

helowrench November 7th 2008 13:53

how long does the sender need to be. a ghia sender may work, and they are the tube type.
(I have a spare that I can measure to compare)
Also, plug in your lever type sender to see if it works. You never know unless you try.


volkdent November 7th 2008 18:23

Beautiful integration!


kuna November 11th 2008 15:40

3 photos, 1 early stage (aluminium construction), 2 foam shape done.

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