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volkdent February 22nd 2013 12:27

I still love this car:


Sandeep February 22nd 2013 14:25

I agree. Any more pics ?


70Turbobug February 24th 2013 15:07

Uploading pics doesnīt seem to there a trick or am I just not smart enough? All the pics of that car is without the engine installed,at least the official pics from Remmele and the ones I took my self.Shortly after that pic with Kurt Thiim was taken, Remmele sold the car and the new owner put a suby engine it in IIRC.Havenīt seen the car since then.I wonder what happened to it.It was one of his best builds.

ricola February 24th 2013 15:53

I remember seeing an engine bay shot of this car (no engine) with what looked like a subaru exhaust system judging by the turbo position..

onixbonilla February 24th 2013 23:03

Me too, after all these years that car is a work of technology art. I also read on a magazine that it was going to have a Twin turbo Subaru engine. I tough the front spoiler will house a radiator and the hot air would escape from the front fenders "vents". Later on I remember seen pictures of it with a Porsche fan loorking trough the engine decklid. Will love to know what happened to it or see more pictures!:)

70Turbobug February 25th 2013 01:18

Remmele built another car in the same color,however it didn't have the fender vents and different wheels.That car had a 2.9 liter type 4 in it. The front spoiler in the pic above is still available in Remmele's program.It's designed to house an oil cooler.

SuperRSi February 25th 2013 02:52

The problem is getting Remmele to sell and ship one of those from bumper/spoilers to the US. I tried for a long time and never got it done. Any magic ideas to getting one?

70Turbobug February 25th 2013 08:05

I will be visiting him end of March,I'll ask him if he will ship to the US.Send me a pm end of March and I'll see what I can do for you.

SuperRSi March 4th 2013 00:37

That would be wonderful. Thanks!

onixbonilla March 15th 2013 23:26

Around 8 years ago I did managed to get Remmele ship me to Puerto Rico a set of its rear coil overs which arrived very fast. Later I got a 911 style carbon fiber fan shroud with it matching carbon fiber airbox. Although it arrived 8 months later. Will love to see him shipping parts again, or maybe some type of dealer.:D

70Turbobug March 16th 2013 08:24

Another dealer wonīt happen,that I am sure of. There are different grades of carbonfiber.If you order a component in carbon just to save weight and plan to paint it,then the weave doesnīt have to be perfect.The epoxy used is what gives the carbonfiber its stability.The reason Iīm saying this is,if the part is only supposed to be light and the fibers wonīt be seen,then it takes much less time to fabricate and a different,not so compact weave can be used that is easier and cheaper to get.For the "high quality" carbon you pay more and there are only 2 or 3 manufacturers in the world that produce aviation grade carbon fiber and itīs not always readily available.

SuperRSi March 17th 2013 13:59

Is it the end of March yet? Excited to hear if you can get bits for me!

70Turbobug March 18th 2013 03:50

Hi Randy,
I'll see him tomorrow.He still has them in his programm,that is confirmed.

SilverBullet March 18th 2013 21:28

If you see Eddie, can you ask him why he didnt send the AP brake set to Singapore afew years ago and already paid?

petevw March 20th 2013 20:20

I met Eddie in 2006 at his shop. Went for a drive in his 3L and a customers yellow kafer.

He was very bitter with the international community as he got burned for many parts and big money from people/shops/stores looking to resell his products. So it sounded like he screwed non local customers to recoupe his loses.

Bad to hear, but his shop was busy building and servicing customer cars.

I believe unless you really know him, or can do buisness in person, don't bother. It's real unfortunate and sucks.

I really liked his in-car air jack/lift when I was there.

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