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effvee April 17th 2018 21:27

Remmele Billet Type IV Case
Hello, question, does anyone have the status or more indept information on the availability of the billet type IV engine case. Will it be sold to the USA also?. When is the release date. Lastly it price.

Hi everyone, I am trying to get the biggest bang for my buck. Since it taking me years now, (my fault); there is now a better block possibly on the market. If Mr. Remmele chooses not to sell to the US, then I'll stay the course. However what I would like is a clear response from his shop. You members in Germany, would you ask the question to Mr. Remmele? I am aware of past bad blood in the promises made. I hade nothing to do with that, however If Mr Remmele wants no part in doing business in the U.S., I will respect his position; but can someone forward this request for me so I can either plan on it, or forget it?

thank you.

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