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Steve C November 23rd 2018 21:56

56 Oval
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I just bought this 56 Oval, I found it in a driveway abut 10 ks from my house, I used to see it under a tarp but a few weeks ago the tarp blew of so I saw it was an Oval. Not sure what colour to paint it, thinking a US colour Capri Blue. So I will get it back on the road some nice wheels and a little bit lower. I also have a SC12 Toyota supercharger that I might fit

It has been modified a little,
1600 single port motor I think, its an early Type 3 case
later synchro trans
adjustable front beam
caster shims
KMac front sway bar
4 stud Beetle front disc brakes and Type 3 rear drums
the dash has holes in for gauges, a tacho and fuel gauge, not sure if I will fill this in or not

My son has donated some Southern Ways wheels from his Jap wheel collection, he has about 60 pairs, all in 15 inch. I will get the bolt pattern on the Beetle changed to 4x114.3 and have suitable sized lips put on the centres.

H2OSB November 25th 2018 12:13

Nice Steve!! I just wonder at the ultimate level of performance this car will end up with.



owdlvr November 26th 2018 04:04


Steve C November 26th 2018 05:26

Thanks guys, I will keep it under control I think, I already have one stupid car. We are still building an 2332 Oxy Boxer for my sons 1303 so his 1904 might go into the oval

Wally November 30th 2018 16:47

What a find so close by! Congrats!

H2OSB November 30th 2018 18:55

I dig that you like oxyboxers, Steve. Don't ask me why as I don't really know. Oxyboxers always make me think of the last of the aircooled 911 engine, like, they're the penultimate aircooled VW(even though they don't start out that way). Makes no semse to me either.


Steve C January 16th 2019 04:31

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OK, car is stripped, panels are at the panel beater, just waiting on the blaster now as I want him to blast the area around the brake master cylinder reservoir and the inside the grills under the back window, I'm pretty sure I will paint it a US colour Capri Blue

I went for a drive up and down the driveway before I pulled the motor out.

I found a few stupid things that have been done to this car, it has Type 3 rear brakes, someone fitted them with the handbrakes cables entering the backing plate at the rear, the new exhaust was fitted without heat riser blank offs and no fibre rings on the J pipes and the generator was fitted 90 degrees out .


Steve C April 11th 2019 20:28

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I went with Capri Blue, loving the colour, starting to put it back together. I had to put my sons bug in storage for while as I only have a small garage. My son is building a garage at his house soon.


Wally April 12th 2019 06:52

Thats a nice original color indeed!

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