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Humble February 15th 2010 23:53

Spyder Bait
I just realized I don't have a build thread for the street bug so I thought I'd put one in here since it's getting a little more attention.

This is Mojo aka. Spyder Bait, a 1973 Super Beetle Sports Bug, the day I brought him home

...and about a week later

I swapped in Maxx struts and added a coilover sleeve with 300# springs (too heavy) and 4 wheel disks in porsche pattern for a set of turbo twists.

I also installed H4 conversion headlights with 6000k HID, Westin 5.5" driving lights with 3000K HID, and a Kamei spoiler to complete the german look.

I briefly had a big motor installed, but the 2276 ate it's cam after 1000 miles so it's on the bench for a rebuild. Since the beetle is going back to daily driver duties he'll be getting a few upgrades in the coming weeks.

Rancho pro street freeway flier tranny
New, built by me 2276
Tranny strap kit
Urethane mounts
Kafer brace
New front 200# springs
QA1 Rear coilovers with 300# springs
7/8" front sway bar
Strut brace
Sticky tires, (haven't decided which ones)

NO_H2O February 16th 2010 15:42

Cool ride. Sorry to hear about the lifter/cam failure.

Natefank February 16th 2010 16:07

ya nice ride, ive seen it in boulder creek quite a bit

Mykul February 16th 2010 22:55

Very cool! Love the AutoXing pics!

Humble February 16th 2010 23:31


Originally Posted by Natefank (Post 74274)
ya nice ride, ive seen it in boulder creek quite a bit

That's because I live there :) living in the mountains means you get to drive them every day.

Bogara_ZO February 17th 2010 06:03

what a difference a wheel (and lowered suspension) can do!! Nice car with useful mods..hope your engine will work soon

Natefank February 17th 2010 13:41


Originally Posted by Humble (Post 74289)
That's because I live there :) living in the mountains means you get to drive them every day.

ya i used to have a 1303 that had the maxx struts and front and rear sway bars and that thing was a blast to drive over the hill in, and thats y i got another one

Humble February 18th 2010 02:00

What are you driving now? I've probably seen you around :)

V8SuperBeetle February 18th 2010 11:40

What caused the cam / a lobe to go flat? Were the lifters new? Did you use a cam lube? Too high of a spring rating? Improper break-in procedure for the cam? Oil not have enough ZDDP?

Humble February 18th 2010 14:11

I didn't build this motor, I bought it used but when I drained the oil it looked like regular motor oil. I'm guessing it was a combination of valve spring and wrong oil.

Natefank February 18th 2010 14:53

i drive a grey 04 gti with a black grill, sorry to hijack thread, but nice car, would love to see it with the bigger motor in it, also where did u get those coilover sleeves?

Humble February 23rd 2010 15:30

The sleeves and springs I got from summit racing. I think all the part numbers are on the ultimate suspension thread.

Speaking of the big motor, I sent the spare case off for machining to bring the deck faces down. When I pre-assembled the motor to get deck height measurements I found the 3-4 side to be .020" taller so that will be evened out as well. Initial measurements add up to a .044" deck which will give me a 9.1:1 CR assuming a 59cc chamber. I'm going to measure those next to verify.

A couple of notes:

1. New-ish rings are sharp as @#$&! and I sliced my fingers open pretty good

2. Using a wire wheel to clean the piston tops makes the garage smell like burnt toast

Humble March 8th 2010 20:36

A few new additions to the bug this weekend in preperation for the new drive train.

The street bug has been lacking gauges for some time and I finally got around to correcting that. A set of new Z-series autometer gauges now in the dash, 3 3/4" mini monster tach, oil press, and oil temp.

I also moved a lighted switch for the electric fuel pump over with the other switches. From right to left, hazard, oil cooler fan override, fuel pump, HID driving lights.

While I was leaning on the seat with my hands under the dash something in the drivers seat gave way. I haven't pulled up the seat cover yet but it seems like a weld broke. For now I stole a seat out of the race car until the other seat is fixed. Though after a quick trip to the store the stock seat may never go back in.

I'm still waiting on an order from CB to build the motor, and I got word that the new tranny is shipping out today so it'll be here later this week. Might be able to put everything together next weekend!

Humble March 20th 2010 00:12

Finally got the rods I've been waiting 2 weeks for on tuesday, and thus began a long 2 days of motor build. Had to make a couple emergency runs for pushrods, rod bearings, and a fan belt but otherwise everything went fairly smooth.

Getting ready

new rancho pro-street freeway flier put together and ready to go in

mmm, straight cuts... that are surprisingly quiet, must be something with the CB gears.

and about this time it was 2am and I had forgotten all about the camera

The details:
CB aluminum case
DPR 78mm crank
Mahle 94mm forged pistons and cylinders
CB 5.5" race rods
CB #2246 cam, 260 dur. @ .050" .411 lift
CB straight cut cam gears
CB lightweight lifters
Scat chromoly push rods
Windage tray
Scat wedge port heads, 40mmx35.5mm
CB 1.3:1 forged rockers, measured out to 1.25:1 and .515" lift at the valve
30mm HD oil pump w/ filter
12 lb. lightened flywheel
KEP stage 1 pressure plate

The motor went together nice and easy. Had a bit of a scare when I tried to set the rocker geometry. The scat 1.4:1 rockers were uncomfortably close to coil bind and when I measured them out they were actually giving me a 1.32:1 ratio. I happened to have another set of CB 1.3 rockers laying around (I know right?) and I remember another builder saying they measured out with a smaller ratio. Sure enough, when I checked my set they measured out 1.25:1 which was good enough for .030" more breathing room at the valve spring.

I got some help and we managed to swap in the motor last night. Couldn't do the cam break in until today and it sounds very mean. I had a little bit of popping so I know the carbs are a little lean so I'll sort that all out tomorrow. The motor is dry as a bone except a leak from the snout of the case, and the race car had a leak in the same area, grrr. The last problem I found while cleaning up tonight. I found the wing nut for the clutch cable on the tool cart, which means it's not in the car. Looks like I'll be back under the car tomorrow, but I still can't wait to drive it.

Scotts73SB March 20th 2010 22:33

"Do not leave parts or tools on the cart" haha love that ironic sticker!
Glad to hear everythings going well..good luck on the rest and be great to see that thing movin like it should!

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