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zen August 8th 2003 18:41

getting there...
charles says he is about ready to spray. it is all grey primer, side markers are cut, roof is cut and finished. i am going out one night next week to look at it and snap some pics. now if i can get everything else to work timin-wise. it has steadily all been falling apart on me.

decklid will hopefully be done before the car is sprayed so i can get it done all at once. i would hate to think about having to go back and have it sprayed separately. i would probably run the risk of going with the ricer look of unpainted c/f instead.

just heard that is on at least 3-4 week backorder on the CSP brace i ordered 3 weeks ago. need that in time for the BlitzCraft suspension and brake install. the rest of their stuff (carpet and trans mounts were very timely).

just bought some 951 calipers. hopefully they get to BlitzCraft in time to not slow him down on his work.

cross your fingers for me to make BugJam.

vujade August 8th 2003 22:59

glad to hear about your car, that is good news!

now if everything else falls into place, we will both be ready for Bug Jam :D

zen August 9th 2003 09:31

just confirmed i am going out to charles' tuesday. will take lots of pics.

southeastvw August 11th 2003 14:20

Excellent Zen! Glad to see that the GL is almost finshed! I know still plenty of more work to do, but you got time before the Jam!
I doubt I can have mine ready for the Jam, and If I do it will not actually be complete.

zen August 11th 2003 22:25

i hope i will. it has been a long wait. been itching bad to get it back and be driving it. it is hard seeing that RAT engine sitting in the corner everyday doing nothing.

zen August 12th 2003 22:06

i went out to see the car today. charles had thrown some ford silver on to check how some areas would lay and is going to work on those areas. this silver is lighter. mine will be darker and blue-er. i have the headlights and some parts with the real color. i will take pics tomorrow when there is some daylight. for those that have seen it, it looks close to identical to my 944T.

i took pics and posted them on the VKG site. go to the member's page and go to my profile. it is linked off of the body section.

joe, if you want a page like this off of your profile, tell me (or email me) which pics you want included and what text with each.

charles said he should be done this weekend. he is working on a few areas, has to cut in my door contacts (wireless jams!!!), i am having him fill in the fresh air vents on the hood now and then spray it. will pick it up next week. woohoo!!!!!!!

vujade August 12th 2003 22:18

very cool Zen!

glad to see you make it to this stage.
it will be done in no time now.

its gonna look really good once its painted :D

NO_H2O August 13th 2003 08:13

Great to see it with some color on it. It looks awsome. Chuck does good work. Before long we will be out in force.:D

zen August 13th 2003 19:55

just added one pic of the finished headlight housing. it is the only part i brought home the other day. it will give you an idea though. click here and click on my name, then pics button on the body section.

vujade August 13th 2003 20:41

me thinks I like it :D

vujade August 14th 2003 08:40

Zen, a little inspiration for you :)

zen August 14th 2003 18:35

nice. very nice. he has good taste. :D

hard to tell with monitor adjustment, but mine will be a bit darker and blue-er. and of course wider and shorter.

zen August 19th 2003 07:54

just heard from charles. i had added a few "to-do's" when out there last time so the weekend didn't happen. just got an update though. everything is hung and welded. as he was getting ready to do final sanding he found two more spots to fix. so hopefully he is spraying late this week.

vujade August 19th 2003 08:37

sounds like Bug Jam shouldnt be a problem for you then :D

zen August 19th 2003 11:43

well, there are still alot of outside factors:
headliner and ragtop wait time
suspension/brakes upgrade (shouldn't be an issue at all)
front and rear windows (only the back is really an issue)
misc small parts still needed

and then there is the factor that i will probably be moving in the middle of all of this. that is now my bigger concern. will have to time the suspension right so i know i can get the car on the ground for the move. we have an offer out and just accepted one that may be a little questionable on delivery of funds. can only wait and see.

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