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zen March 30th 2005 09:20

i am very far from a purist, but if all of the parts are there, i would be awefully tempted to go vintage. i don't mind butching a car that is already too far gone, but if it is still mostly there it would be nice to keep more orignials around.

boblebaard March 30th 2005 12:05

The car is missing some parts, but they should be possible to get. The car will be painted in the original colour, and will be easy to turn back to standard if I decide to do that when I get older....... :rolleyes:

boblebaard April 10th 2005 16:15


The end.....

boblebaard April 10th 2005 16:15

From the side......

The first test drive!

boblebaard June 19th 2005 06:32

Hi again!

Now my hotdogboiler has made the headlines as well....... :eek:

TitoRay June 19th 2005 19:22

Get that beauty out of the dirt!! :agree:

boblebaard June 20th 2005 04:03

Yes, the last trip from the paintshop. I`ll take some photos of the car in a better setting soon.

boblebaard October 1st 2007 17:14

Hi again!

I almost forgot about this thread since I`ve been buysy renovating our house and preparing my self to become a dad in april.

Here`s a photo taken this summer of the car.

boratuner October 1st 2007 19:08

Real nice :) Two real jems

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