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boblebaard December 29th 2004 19:39

Project "topless" ;-)
Hi again!

Just took a couple of pictures of this winters project, my girlfriends 1972 1302 S Roadster.
I have many plans for this car, but my wallet doesn`t agree... :rolleyes:
If anyone has a free set of 16" Porsche Fuchs let me know!
More pictures will be added during the asembly process. (Did I spell that right?) The car is planned finnished in the end of April 2005.

boblebaard December 29th 2004 19:41

By the way, the colour is VW Black magic pearl (LC9Z), the wheels are 7 & 9" ATS.

vujade December 30th 2004 00:15

looks like its going to be pretty sweet!!! :agree:

boblebaard December 30th 2004 08:58

Going to take more photos of the car in just a couple of days, and the engine is just waiting in the garage ready to be installed.
We went for a reliable 1600cc, tuned to about 80BHP. :sleep:
Picked up a set of Autometer instruments last week, and a new Momo steering wheel.
The front seats are from a MK1 Golf GTI, and the stereo is prom Pioneer.

rustbucket December 30th 2004 09:52

Looks very nice. Curious about how you tuned that 1600 to 80hp. Could you give any specifics?

Rob December 30th 2004 09:56

topless = sexy :D :agree:


boblebaard December 30th 2004 09:59

AS41 enginehousing, don`t remember the specs on the camshaft, lightened flywheel, 2 dual 40 solex carbs, ported and polished heads with bigger valves and stiffer springs, headers with a dual glasspack exhaust, bigger oilpump with full flow, T2 oilcooler.

rustbucket December 30th 2004 10:07

Wow, thanks. That was probably the quickest reply I've ever seen. I asked only because I'm assembling a T1 at the moment, and I'm always interested in the different combos people use.

NO_H2O December 30th 2004 10:22

Looking sweet.
You got-a-love a black car. :laugh:

boblebaard December 30th 2004 11:06


Originally Posted by rustbucket
Wow, thanks. That was probably the quickest reply I've ever seen. I asked only because I'm assembling a T1 at the moment, and I'm always interested in the different combos people use.

My engine is a 1914cc (69x94 stroke/bore) with dual 40 dellortos, engle cam, Gene Berg oil pump and piston rods, ported heads with bigger valves, full flow oilsystem. This engine was dynoed to 120BHP at the wheels, so that would be about 140BHP at the flywheel I guess.

zen December 30th 2004 11:35

that's pretty good output out of the 1914. roadster is looking nice. you can't go wrong with black. esp with polished 16" Fuchs.

remember, lots of pics and a few tech articles should come out of that project. :D

rustbucket December 30th 2004 15:08

Yes, that is good output. I can't wait for the tech articles. :D

justdubbin December 30th 2004 16:25

That should look great when it's finished, I really like the vent in the rear panel... it looks very Porsche like ;)

Keep us posted with the pictures.

boblebaard December 30th 2004 17:50

More pictures might come tomorrow! :D

boblebaard December 31st 2004 10:13

Picked up the car today, so here`s some new pictures for you! ;)

boblebaard December 31st 2004 10:15

Here`s the engine.

Rob December 31st 2004 12:00

Man that thing is sweet.
I remember from way back the roadsters were really hot, a lot of magazines covered them, always loved them. I like the clean look so much better over the convertable look with that bulky top in the back.

Very nice.
Although maybe not GL, I love the wheels you have on them, always been a big fan of the 'fat lip''.

Very cool.


boblebaard December 31st 2004 12:09

I hope this roadster will be good, but I`d rather have an original 1302/1303 convertible as a project. The plan is a low budget summercar, but things usually get a little out of control... :rolleyes:

Rob December 31st 2004 12:15


Originally Posted by boblebaard
I hope this roadster will be good, but I`d rather have an original 1302/1303 convertible as a project. The plan is a low budget summercar, but things usually get a little out of control... :rolleyes:

Low budget summercar ? Dude, none of the cars you've posted up here are low budget :D

I'd say chances are slim it will be low budget :laugh:


boblebaard December 31st 2004 12:22

The reason why I called it "low-budget" is that the Roadster was hit from behind by a stolen car, so the insurance money will at least cover the cost of the paint job. ;)
I hope to keep the budget from now on, but I`m affraid that plan just went down the toilet.. :shrug:

All sponsors are welcome.... ;)

justdubbin December 31st 2004 17:13

:eek: Nice paint, it looks even better when in day light, although it does look a little cold :laugh:

Your girlfriend is going to be one lucky lady driving that about this summer time.

boblebaard December 31st 2004 18:32

Cold??? :rolleyes:

It`s freezing here!! :eek:

Just five more months, and the summer is back again.... ;)

Bill K. December 31st 2004 21:01

Awesome! Is it a stock VW config? 1302 S Roadster? Available in US? Searched web but could not find more info...

boblebaard December 31st 2004 21:32

No, it was a standard 1302 S saloon until we cut the roof off and welded in reinforcements.
We modified the rear so it still has five seats.

Racelook January 2nd 2005 09:34



boblebaard January 16th 2005 18:32

Here are some fresh photos taken this weekend!

Sidemarkers from a MK4 Golf

Engineroom and third brakelight from a Audi TT Roadster

New Autometer C2 instruments

boblebaard January 16th 2005 18:35

Heres more... :D

New MOMO steeringwheel and gearknob

...... and the rest of the car

More pictures will come next weekend if I remember to bring the camera... ;)

boblebaard January 16th 2005 18:46

Found a couple more photos... :rolleyes:

Better angle of the Audi TT Roadster third brakelight

In.Pro clear front turnsignals for a MK1 Golf

That`s definately all for now.....

Bill K. January 16th 2005 19:02

Brilliant light choices :agree: nice side ducts in engine bay.

boblebaard January 17th 2005 04:42

Thanx! The side ducts help a lot when you have to change the spark plugs or adjust the carbs. The headlamps will be clearglass for a MK1 Golf as well, but they haven`t arrived yet.

oasis January 18th 2005 08:54

I have seen the Mk IV side blinkers before, but the Mk I front blinkers? Brilliant! I love 'em.

I am also surprised how good the Autometer C2 gauges look with the stock speedometer. I'm curious as to how they look at night. Also, what size Momo steering wheel is that? Does it block the view of the tach?

That's some serious custom work. Well done.

boblebaard January 18th 2005 09:01

I can take a couple of photos of the C2 instruments turned on next weekend when I return to the inlaws.
The MOMO steeringwheel is called Race, and it is 350mm in diameter.

dirk.Gysbrechts January 18th 2005 09:37

Looks very good with some "goody's" from you're car...

boblebaard January 23rd 2005 15:24


New photos will arrive in a couple of hours...... :)

boblebaard January 23rd 2005 18:32

Autometer C2 instruments with the light turned on

Engine and exhaust installed. (Wiring and carbs not finnished yet...)

Front window and wipers installed...

boblebaard January 28th 2005 09:12

I would also like to use the oportunity to thank all the helpful people supporting this project.

Espen from

Alf-Morten from

Børre and Roy from Bryn Biloppretting

Hans Roar for the paint job

boblebaard February 24th 2005 08:36

It`s been quiet now for a couple of weeks :sleep: , but this coming weekend the work on our project will continue. The new headlamps have arrived and the interior will go back into the car. Pictures will be posted sunday....... ;)

boblebaard February 27th 2005 17:32

Well, we did some work this weekend.
New In:pro H4 clearglass headlights :)

Interior going into the car..

boblebaard February 27th 2005 17:34

The convertible top is in place.

That`s it for now. Have a great week guys!

Bogaat February 28th 2005 13:05

What kind of seats are those? I am looking for a nice set w/ bolsters to put in my 72 Super and those would be perfect.

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