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Supa Ninja April 30th 2003 18:35

...and your how old?
I'm curious how old the majority of people are that about German Look. This look is by far the most pricey so I'm thinking this is a more mature crowd here, but I could be wrong. oh by the way I'm in the second catagory

Alex April 30th 2003 18:49

I feel so old now.



vujade April 30th 2003 18:52

Im older then my beetle...LOL (by 2 years)

57mutant April 30th 2003 18:55

Me too vujade, sigh.

super vw April 30th 2003 20:02

im only 17:silly:

Superman April 30th 2003 21:46

<=== 32 :eek:

lightning bug April 30th 2003 23:53

I was negative 3 when my bug was made. :silly:

Cyrus2Dope May 1st 2003 01:40

I was negative 19 years old when my bus was born

MattKab May 1st 2003 04:29

I was 5 when my Bug left Germany in '79- that's why it's in better nick than me:silly:

Rob May 1st 2003 08:28

3 years older than my bug....

It's funny that you say that the since the German Look is pricey it would have a more mature following.

Us 'old folks' always say: I wish I still lived at home and could spend all my cash on the car, no mortgage, kids, car for the wife, etc. etc. :D :D


Sandeep May 1st 2003 09:34

4 years older than my bug ... my bug and I were both born in June ! :rolleyes:


Tim May 1st 2003 09:39

I am 5 years older than my standard bug and 9 years older than my 1303.


Shadowbug May 1st 2003 12:40

My beetle was made 2 years before my dad was

vw1303 May 1st 2003 13:01

I was negative 9 when 74 1303 was made.
PS I still live at home and spend all my money on my car. :D

Alex May 1st 2003 15:57

Well if I look at it this way......I am 17years younger than my bug.

Hmmm....make me feel young again. :hehehe: :hehehe:


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