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thelazerviking January 20th 2006 00:38

haha, that's what i was kind of aiming for. it does make total sense though

Wally January 20th 2006 04:42

A german-style car has Kwalität (quality) and Grundlichkeit (uehh..doing it right, properly) written all over it.
Germans are car-people and spend more on their cars than most other country-man do.
Yes they go faster and handle better (Autobahn, no speed limits), but the make of parts used is not the key to what makes 'm a 'german' car (like Speedy said as well).

So yes, its sort of a mindset ;) but its definately not a 'Look' for the looks 'an sich'. The looks are just a result of another starting point. Therefore I usually object to the term 'german-look' and rather use german-style :rolleyes:

The best compliment I got was when I overheard one guy saying to the other guy when passing by the side of my car at a dutch meeting: "Hey, I thought this car would have german numberplates". :D


dirk.Gysbrechts January 20th 2006 10:56

Hey Wally you just said what i was thinking!!!!!!!!!!!it is a way of live... :)

56oval January 27th 2006 10:23

big arse wheels, right deck height,shaved body if early shape.similar to what some of the latest rods are coming around to. :rolleyes:

THEBURG April 2nd 2006 21:56

You know, I think the phrase " Germanlook " was coined to describe what some folks were seeing at that moment. Mainly V.W.s utilizing easy to find, and cheap to buy used porsche parts. They seem to be growing on trees in europe, but in the states, we had to take a different path. The German look, to me anyway, is about performance on the road, not the track ( ie: 1/4 mile ) like cal-look cars. Now take a look at the " RAT-ROD " cars. They put their money into the performance of the car rather than the looks. Then there's the " Hawian-look ". Big motors and show quility paint are the norm. Personally, I like the idea of a strong street presence with a stripped down look, just what's needed to do the job. No interior, basic gauges, monocrome paint, and anything else to step up the handling and performance. These days, you can buy the wheels of your choice, have the engine of your choice ( VW, Porsche, subaru, mazda rotory, mid-engine v-8, ect. ) the brakes of your choice, and so-on. So I don't think the German-look is about a style as much as it is a style about performance. What say you ?

Axl April 3rd 2006 00:03

You may be right on track with that . I agree that the performance on the roads , and not 1/4 mile . The German cars are made to perform on the Autobahn , and have to be able to perform at a certain level , or be eaten alive by Benzes and Bimmers . I also agree that while Porsche parts are a dime a dozen in Europe , here in the western countries (Canada and the U.S.) , we have to either pay through the nose or find other parts . Luckily for us there is many different aftermarket companies out there to help us .

THEBURG April 4th 2006 02:35

Well my project's just starting, '63 Rag on a '72 b/j pan. The first " performance " mod will be a diet of fiberglass, I know, carbon fiber is the bomb, but S!!! is to spendy. Remmele will be hearing from me soonish. :D I was thinking about fiberglass doors with swing out windows to get around the " opening window " law. Maybe use a pop-out frame and hinge set up. Basically, what ever it takes to make it handle and go faster. Hell, I just hope I can still stand to drive the thing when I'm done! Sometimes you can take things to far, ya know what I mean?

Axl April 4th 2006 21:34

Fiberglass doors may save you some weight , but unless you are racing , and /or have a full roll cage , you may want to re-think this and go with the metal doors . How safe are the fiberglass doors going to be compared to metal . Just think - the doors are the only thing between you and that car that just ran the red . What would you want for doors now!!!

jonas_linder April 5th 2006 05:27

I don't think the stock door will stop much more :(

Wally April 5th 2006 07:01

Martin Botts 1303 from a few posts down is what I would describe as a typical 'German' car:

If you look closely, you will see its almost stock on the outside, but the quality of the built oozes off from it...
Like I said before, german-style is what its about, not german-'Look' :rolleyes:

oasis April 5th 2006 07:54

Actually when I look closely, I see something more sinister than pea-shooters for an exhaust ...

... like mine :rolleyes: ... for the time being. ;)

Wally makes a good point which is my way of saying I agree with him. :D

Oh, and I also noticed the "VW 914" within the license plate.

THEBURG April 13th 2006 20:20


Originally Posted by Wally
Martin Botts 1303 from a few posts down is what I would describe as a typical 'German' car:

If you look closely, you will see its almost stock on the outside, but the quality of the built oozes off from it...
Like I said before, german-style is what its about, not german-'Look' :rolleyes:

Yep, looks like it's ready to pounce on the first unsuspecting ricer it comes across! :cool: I dig that paint as well, check out the reflexion, just like taking a picture of home, yes?

ccain529 April 26th 2006 16:01

When it's done right, to me it looks almost as if someone had unbolted the body of a Turbo S or even a Formula 1 racecar and replaced it with VW sheet metal! With the right rake they look as though they are speeding while setting still.
If you're like me and dig "Alternate History Fiction", whose to say this isn't the plan that Dr. Porsche had when he designed the Type 1. After all the early 356's had a lot in common with thier VW "Family Transport" counterparts! Had the Air Cooled beetle stayed in production in Germany maybe some chasis' would have found their way to a performance coach builder. Probably a topic that should be brought up on another thread but, could you imagine going down to your local VW dealer and Buying a pre-tuned, turbo, Porsche powered Type 1?

oasis April 26th 2006 23:43


Originally Posted by ccain529
If you're like me and dig "Alternate History Fiction" ...

This is scary ... I am a huge fan of Uchronia, too.

Hebster52 April 27th 2006 16:49

My prejudice (if one might call it that) is that the GL is Hi-perf engine and transmission combined with a chassie that is made for highspeeds on Autobahn or any racetrack when ever you feel like it and all fitted inside a showfinished body.

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