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666bug September 3rd 2010 22:53

Dash in the car
Hi all you super freaks,

Just placed the dash in the car to see if it still fit after it was covered in leather,

like a glove i will be painting the surounds around the speedo black the hot rod chrome of the Dakota Digital instruments just looks odd.

anyway here are the photos:cool::D:cool:

Bug@5speed(US) September 5th 2010 11:15


I must say this is remarkable.. it came out awesome..


Humble September 5th 2010 13:56

Stunning, it really looks like a million bucks... The chrome definitely looks out of place so I can't wait to see that blacked out.

evilC September 6th 2010 07:39

It does look stunning! Has the leather been steamed yet to get the last wrinkles out? You should be able to get it following the contours quite seamlessly. I am no expert on leather interiors but a client of mine used to be one of the UK's top auto leather upholsterers being approved for Ford, Jaguar etc as a world wide supplier and I was always surprised at what could be done.


Bugscandrift January 29th 2011 19:52


Just, Wow....

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