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SilverBullet December 11th 2011 08:03

intermittent position for wiper switch
Is there an intermittent position for the wiper switch? For SB? I have to always flick the switch when light rain! Lazy i know!:D

Xellex December 11th 2011 09:44

not all of them have it. I think that only the late convertible 1303 had it installed from factory. But it's quite easy to do. Check out post no. 130 and 133 in my topic:

SilverBullet December 11th 2011 21:05

Thanks for the info. Now to get that relay!

owdlvr December 12th 2011 03:30

...the more I think about this, the more I realize I'm going to have to come up with a way to get intermittent wipers working in the 1302.

Thanks for the reminder, and the links...a good mental puzzle for when I'm not in the garage :D


Joel December 16th 2011 20:52

Here ya go guys, I've already done the hard yards.

Can setup for variable delay too.

Edit, missed Xellex already linked to it.

KaferChris January 21st 2012 15:22

Here's a parallel thread for the sake of making it easier, thanks for all the leg work Joel!

Steve C January 24th 2012 06:46


The factory way is very neat, on my sons bug I fitted a Hella Intermittent wiper switch, it has variable delay


beetle1303 February 20th 2012 10:52

So, after reading a few times about this modification I decided to give it a go...
I ordered the required parts for vwheritage and got them delivered today, only to find that the switch was missing the spring and ball that keeps the lever in the selected position, the 6 cables that go to the flat plastic might be too long to install and that the relay comes with a diagram of the connection numbers printed on one side and no indication next to the terminals...the relay has 5 normal size male flat connectors and small

for some reason i cant upload any pics (although resized to 320x480 and 26.9kb jpg)


Joel February 23rd 2012 04:12

Because I'm such a nice guy :lmao:

You can use the spring and ball from the stock switch too.

beetle1303 February 23rd 2012 06:46

Thnx a lot Joel...what a nice thing, to wake up and to find that one small problem was solved...
I know that I can use the other from the original switch, but im not letting go so easily from a 61 gbp switch. and now it is 2 days with now reply from the sales manager. I hope its worth the wait and that their stock is somehow affected.

Thnx again Joel


Joel February 23rd 2012 23:08

Yes, that's alot to pay for a faulty switch.

Also the little tab that keeps the lid on usually always breaks when you crack them open.

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