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chigger March 31st 2003 21:14

Adrian model kombi
I thought you might be interested. I was dragged to Commerce Ga to shop with my daughter and wife and I decided to see if I could find any model cars to build. They had a white top yellow bottom split bus at KB toys made by solido. This is just like yours, but not a camper. I picked up a two tone light and dark blue early bug with what I call water graphics on the side. It looks like a euro setup. It has empi rims, megaphones, eyebrows and shortened front and rear early bumpers. All the chrome is painted to match except that it has windshield chrome edging and a chrome molding down the center of the hood. They got the dechroming half right. The front turn sighnals have been shaved. I believe I will repaint it the colors I intend to use to see how it looks. Thought you might be interested in the bus. Cheers

Pillow April 2nd 2003 11:52

Thanks Chigger! I might have to track that down :) Granted in all my free time I doubt I would ever get to getting anything done with it.


chigger April 3rd 2003 02:19

Free time what is that? They are working us 7 days a week. My tractor is down and I really don't want to dig a 500 sq foot foundation for a garage by hand in the limited time I have left of the day. What good is money if you don't have time to spend it?

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