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zen May 19th 2004 22:22

SouthEast (NOT VWTrends) Dyno Day
I thought this worth mentioning. For those of you who read VWTrends (which I just dropped my subscription for other reasons than this but am glad I did now), note the crappy coverage of the Southeast Dyno Day. It is all of a few paragraphs. I want to bring this up for a couple of reasons.
  1. This is not the real event coverage. As I understand it, the coverage was MUCH more extensive and the writer's story was cut down by people at the mag. Kathy has supported and the VKG on more than one occasion. I know her and her writing well enough.
  2. The event was in no way sponsored by VWTrends, nor did they play any part in putting it on or supporting the event. Which leaves you to wonder how they came to call it the VWTrends SouthEast Dyno Day...seems they claim to have a copyright to that name (what a joke) and that it was originally their idea to do this event and even though those plans fell apart and they pulled out, that they still had rights to the event.
  3. I have not seen it, but I hear Hot VW's has very good coverage on it.
  4. The BK Cruizers and all of the many sponsors deserve to have credit and their massive efforts known. These guys busted their butts and put on a fantastic event. And that is coming from a guy who's engine coughed up junks of metal as he was pulling in the parking lot.

The thread is laced with some bs, but for more info go here

I would encourage all to make comments on VWTrends forums if you are disappointed in the coverage of the event...all of the detailed politics aside, the coverage was simply a joke. Why even print that much?

zen May 22nd 2004 08:09

boy, you try to light a fire and don't even get sparks. :D ;) :eek:

NO_H2O May 22nd 2004 08:56

Sorry for not jumping on this one. I did trow some gas on it over on STF and the VW Trends forum. It's sad.

vujade May 22nd 2004 09:57

I was pretty surprised myself :eek: :mad:

OVERSPRAY May 22nd 2004 15:30

Thanks Guys, :agree: didn't know we would have the backing from so many!! you too No-H! :D

Maybe we can get some sort of an answer out of them when we attend the classic.

NO_H2O May 22nd 2004 19:34

Overspray on the Germanlook Forum? :eek:
Next thing you know he will be buying a set of C-2's and loosing those skinny front tires. :laugh:
Glad to help out on this issue. It was/is blatantly wrong and thier response
was one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.

zen May 22nd 2004 22:30


Originally Posted by NO_H2O
Overspray on the Germanlook Forum? :eek:
Next thing you know he will be buying a set of C-2's and loosing those skinny front tires. :laugh:

really. based on the signature he is getting over the denial at least. :D deep down he knows he still wants a GL. give in to the dark side overspray. your feet are already wet with my ride.

OVERSPRAY May 23rd 2004 01:04

LOL thought No-H would like my sig. :D

speaking of your car... engine back in ?

are you planning on a day at the dyno?

Like a "GL DYNO DAY"! Maybe Trends won't see this! :whoops:

NO_H2O May 23rd 2004 07:40

Yes OS, I do like you sig.
Always good to see folks state the facts about thier rides.

zen May 23rd 2004 13:22

OS, jake is finishing it this week. i am headed out to San Diego and Sacramento for the week. hope to get it back in the first week of June and finish up a few other changes to have it ready for HoD on June 19th.

if you guys are going make the trek into ATL for HoD, we are having a VKG run up into the mountains around noon that day, hitting the go-carts in Helen, dinner, drink, etc. the more the merrier. maybe you and No-H2O can settle that whole straight line vs. turning thing...wait, he should have a 2275 by then and there won't be any discussion left. :eek:

OVERSPRAY May 25th 2004 11:13

LOL funny funny! :laugh:

It's ok, our cars are faster,and better looking! but we still like ya'll! ;)


1 type 4
countless type 1's

1 GL
Resto lookers lets just say 8 to keep it fair

Porch wheels (yes porch, that's where they need to be) 4
BRM's ......

see where this is going?? :eek:

as for HoD, well we made plans back in Jan. to attend June bugs in the field. (nice 2 hour cruize) in Birm.
They make such a showing at our get togethers were trying to do the same.
maybe HoD next year. Y'all have fun.

kenfyoozed May 25th 2004 12:27

i see where this is going. looks alot like conformity and no individuality :laugh: some looks have been around ( read...OLD) and never die, but its always easier to build a car with a look thats been done, than to venture out and explore new ideas and adapt new technology to vintage rides.

dont get me wrong, i like the "BK" look, but everyone , even if they dont admit it, loves "GL" vw's

i even saw a "BK" car at the dyno day i thought about buying!.......

and stripping all that crome off , put on some decent wheels and have a nice ride! :eek:

ps. all said in jest :D

OVERSPRAY May 25th 2004 16:58

Ouch!!!! :(

NO_H2O May 25th 2004 18:33

heheheheheheehehehehehe :D

vujade May 25th 2004 21:12

good to see you on here OS :D

we know your really a closet GL'er :agree:

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