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Hoghead May 31st 2007 22:52

944 conversion axles?
I am doing the 944T aluminium trailing arm conversion at the same time as a 915 gearbox. both have 100m flanges for 944/T-2 CV joints

Will be using the Bug@5speed gearbox kit parts so the box will not be moved forward.

I am not clear on the type of axles required. I have the 944 axles but recall that these will be too long. From past searches, I think I need T-3 but would appreciate confirmation before I go and import them to Thailand.

Engine is a Suby. Are the stock VW axles OK or should I go with a stronger aftermarket unit. If so who in the USA can provide a good product?


Hoghead June 1st 2007 22:21

These are the early narrow arms, which presumably will affect the axle length

ricola June 2nd 2007 11:11

When you say earl/narrow, which version do you mean? I think there are stock width (like steel, but were one year only I think), later which were plus 1", then late which were +2".

On my speedster wiht steel arms and 915 I used 944 axles from an early steel armed car wiht no problems, trans wasn't in the stock position though. Best bet is to ask bug@5speed as they have done a similar swap to yours...

Hoghead June 2nd 2007 22:37

Great, another complication

I did not know that there were "early" aluminium arms the same width as the steel 944/stock Beetle, and thought that all early 944 aluminium arms were +25mm.
These arms are from a 85.5 car.

Was there a 944 NA car with aluminium trailing arms?

The offset seems about 53cm measured from wheel face to bushing centreline. It is a tricky thing to measure but this should be good enough to determine which of the 3 possibilities.

Anyone know which one I have?

measured offset from the bushing centreline to

Bug@5speed(US) June 3rd 2007 00:06


Can you grab a part number of the arms.. or some pics of the parts..

Might help..

With the different variations of arms, just want to make sure..

Then will run down an answer for you..

Which subi motor is it again.. N/A, Turbo or twin..

trevorbrady June 3rd 2007 18:14

I think the general rule is to use drive shafts to suit the arms you use. I.e. if you use steel arms, use driveshafts from a car that had steel arms. I've got the *narrower* aluminium trailing arms from late 944 (I didn't know about the alu arms that are the same width as the steel arms BTW) and sourced drive shafts from a similar spec car and they bolt right up to the 915 box and arms. Mind you, I have 930-sized output flanges which I had redrilled to suit the 944 CV joints. See my website for pics of the parts I used:

Hoghead June 4th 2007 06:20

I have the drive shafts to suit the arms so perhaps this entire discussion is moot?

PN on the arms is 951.331.514.0 followed by 0056-1-85

I am still learning about all things VW and P and do not know how to decipher Porsche PN's however common sense tells me this is a 1985 - 944T/951 model. Is this correct

Now are they stock, +25 or +50mm?

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