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Angelo Amato January 1st 1970 00:00

Questions about Angelo Amatos ride

73notch May 22nd 2003 19:42

awesome fastback, i was just wondering where you got the tach and the speedo from, looks like they are an exact fit. thanks

Angelo Amato November 8th 2003 22:02

what a late reply !!!
tacho from porsche 944 - perfect fit

speedo is a 80mm dia. VDO aftermarket one. :D

blitzvw November 12th 2008 07:54

Could you post some close up pics of the rev counter and speedo?

Angelo Amato November 12th 2008 08:52

hi blitz, got your PM on volkszone, jsut not had a chance, here's some i've already got upload on to my ftp. 944 gauge is slightly smaller than opening in dash. cut up a type 3 speedo to get the casing off and the 944 one slipped right in and the type 3 ring into the dash !



Angelo Amato November 12th 2008 08:53


and one of my others :rolleyes: :-


blitzvw November 12th 2008 11:09

Thanks for the other pictures Angelo!! I'm not in a real hurry to get those close-ups, so whenever you get the chance it would be cool....

This Fasty is looking very, very nice. I should start a project thread for my Fasty sometime soon....Also Type 4 powered :angry:

I'm still deciding if I should put a 944 revcounter or Speedo in the Type 3 dash hole....Cheaper than the 911 bits here in SA..... :rolleyes:

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