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Hoghead August 27th 2009 23:45

CIP coupon code
What is the coupon code all about on the CIP shopping cart and how does one go about getting one. I need to place an 1800.00 order and by the time it gets to me in Thailand the price doubles so any discount is appreciated.

CIP told me no discounts available, but I remain skeptical since there is this code box

NO_H2O August 28th 2009 09:38

They have "Codes" from time to time for discounts and they will put them on the main page when they are in effect. We had and may still have a deal with them so that if you were to click the link on this site to enter the online store, a % of the sale would go toward this site.

JK Fab September 14th 2009 20:36

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