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ccain529 June 7th 2006 21:43

Fender damage.
Well guys a couple of nights ago it happened. I was driving my 1302 to meet my girlfriend at the coffee shop and then......
I was making a slight turn to the left when I hit an uneven (understatement) portion of the road. Yeah my local tax dollors do NOTHING for the highways. Anyway, the tread on my left front tire caught the inner fender lip and bent it out, damaging the fender and breaking the paint. Oh yeah, my tire is now a little lighter as well. If only I could get that close a shave with my razor!:mad: Long and short of it is that my math wasn't as good as I thought it was while setting up the rims, tires and ride height. So I guess I'm off to purchase new wider fenders for the car. I'd like to pick your collective brains for a moment and get your opinions on a few things.
First of all what is up with 1 and a quarter inch wider rear fenders?
Why doesn't anyone make any fronts that are 1 1/4?
I really only need an inch for clearance but the only front fenders I can find are 2".
Also I don't want the front of the car to look akward with massive space between the headlights.
OK! Rant over!:laugh:

So I've decided to go with 2" all around. I'm also going to get new running boards. And I find my self on the fence on these. Do I:
a. go with the fibreglass boards that most folks offer with that funny angular indention about a foot back from the front fenders? (makes me want to get a set of magnesium slots, paint the car green and gold with extra heavy metal flake and don my polyester disco outfit)?
b. replace the factory boards (no trim)?
c. get those knarly smooth boards with the vents cut in them (paint the car teal and pink, grow back my mullet and blast Def Leopard)?
d. get a set of carbonfibre boards?

OK so maybe I just answered my first question:laugh:

Now, I find myself on the fence yet again. Should I go with early style headlamps and run a set of H4 911 lenses? I like the look of the later style lights on a GL but those fluted Porsche headlights make me feel all tingly when I think of them mounted on my car with body coloured trim. MMMMMMMM

OK now that I've calmed down I would like to ask if anyone has had any experiance with widened fenders and stock bumpers? Looks to me like it's going to be a REAL close fit. I'm going to need to relocate the turn signals anyway so I'm not opposed to getting new bumpers. Any ideas?

Cheers and Thanks guys!


oasis June 8th 2006 09:13

My guess on why you see 1-inch wider rear fenders and not the same for the fronts are two-fold. One, more players tend to prefer wider tires for the rear than for the front. Two, Super Beetles have a wider front track than rear track in stock configuration. Having slightly wider fenders in the rear allows for not only wider tires in the rear but a wider track if one so chooses through spacers. (Remember, I am guessing here ... but I did give it a lot of thought when it looked like I might have to go that route.)

You pretty much obliterated "a" and "c" as desired choices. For what you are doing, you may prefer carbon fiber over untrimmed stock. You also have a third choice. I went with black/polished.

Here is a pic of my car with stock running boards:
Granted, they still have their chrome trim.

Here are two pics (one with less glare) of the black billet running boards:

As far as headlights are concerned, you like the fluted Porsche's headlamps. To me, you answered your own question there.

If you go wider rear fenders, you might want to install a front bumper on the rear. If you are installing wider front bumpers, I think you will be okay as you are. I do not have first-hand experience, however. This is what I remember from my info-gathering of yore.

ccain529 June 8th 2006 23:51

Thanks...Yeah, after re-reading my post, I guess I was rather obvious about what I had in mind......
Your running boards are nice. There's a local fella that runs those on his bug and after every cruise-in he has to wipe my drool off of em.:laugh:

Anyway.... After tons of research and a one-on-one with a very dis-satisfied former "innovations in fiberglass" customer, I have decided to go with CCC fenders all around. I'm going to update the rear fenders because I like the look of the later model tail lights on a GL.
I've even been pondering those updated flush mount tails to solidify the newer look.
I've also noticed that CCC offers "Not so massive" glass running boards. According to their web-site the boards are stock size but designed to fit their widened fenders. I think that the boards being color-keyed to the body will further the clean European look I'm after.

The PO of the car beat me to the "front on the rear" bumper thing. So part of my job is already done!:agree: Thank you for the guidance on the front!!!!!

I've always looked at accidents as a hidden blessing or a "not so subtle" nudge to start projects that I've been putting off. This one is no exception. I will now get a chance to detail the inner fenders. I have a buddy that runs a shop that applies that "Spray-in" bed lining for trucks. If I take care of the prep work and the cost of the materials, as well as a six-pack of his favorite imported lager, my inner fenders and pan will be "West Virginia State Road Proof"! I may even get him to coat the underside of the new fenders to protect them from rocks being flung.
I also plan to incorporate the front turn signals and park lights into the fluted headlights. Sort of something like a new Mercedes. I've been wanting to shave the turn signals from the fenders for some time now.

I've recently made a major career change and now work where I cut my teeth. Believe me it was a "Mental well-being" change (long story perhaps for another post) But I am proudly back full-time in the automotive industry. I will be personally mixing the paint for the car. I hope to match the color. We have state of the art color matching equipment, and I will be blending the paint into the existing panels. So it should come out well. I see no sence in repainting the entire car just to match the fenders. After all the existing paint is in good shape. The paint mixing formula was no longer available in micro-fische form. The fine folks at Martin Senour were kind enough to fax me a copy of said formula. If anyone is having problems getting paint mixed for their pre 79 VW, feel free to PM me and I will try to get the formula for you to take to your local paint shop (providing they mix Martin Senour or can cross reference the mixing colors).

As always I have to thank you guys for this awesome site. Without it and you I'd just set here and bounce ideas off of the dog as he stares at me with his head ****ed to one side.:drunk:



oasis June 9th 2006 03:54

Had I gone with wider fenders (and no US-source of c/f), I would have gone with CCC if they had the right size for what I needed. And I would have probably gone with their running boards, too, with the same caveat about c/f availability. I have no personal experience but their reputation is unsurpassed.

Innovations used to be somebody else (name escapes me). They seem to have a mixed reputation. Some have speculated their negative rep is a holdover from their previous incarnation. I don't know either way.

bt1211 June 13th 2006 01:20

CCain I couldnt tell from your post. I am assuming that your fenders are metal?
If they are fiberglass, it is VERY easy to widen them yourself. If you dont mind sanding. The mat and resin will be less than $50. to do all four fenders.

ccain529 June 14th 2006 20:43


Originally Posted by bt1211
CCain I couldnt tell from your post. I am assuming that your fenders are metal?
If they are fiberglass, it is VERY easy to widen them yourself. If you dont mind sanding. The mat and resin will be less than $50. to do all four fenders.

Yeah, they are metal. I bent the inner lip out and cracked the paint. Kinda torqued me off due to the fact that the fenders were original to the car. I've decided to replace them with steel fenders which I'm going to flare. I'm goning to fix the drivers fender then hang the originals in the shop for safe keeping. I have some light background in metal work and body work so it shouldn't be too bad of a job. Besides, I like putzing around the shop. I'll post pics along the way but I hope they come out like the fenders on the Kafer Cup cars or the ones you get from Germany.

ccain529 June 18th 2006 20:50

5 Attachment(s)
Well gang....
I started work on the new fenders. A buddy of mine across town had a set of early Super front and 74 rear fenders which I got for a song.
I took all the paint off of 'em. It's nice to work with bare metal and not have to worry as to what lies beneath. Anyway I finally got them all cleaned up and started marking and cutting for the flares. Looking at the pics, the fender will be cut out to the black line just about 2 inces above the fender lip.

The first photo is the fender as it was and the last pic is an abstract of what the fender will look like once the metal is welded into place.

More to come......



ccain529 June 21st 2006 22:02

3 Attachment(s)
Here are some pics of the front fender with the flare in place.
I still have to finish welding (I ran out of wire tonite) then all that's left to do is:
Clean up the headlight bucket, etch the metal, prime, sand, sand, sand some more, seal and paint.

wrenchnride247 June 21st 2006 22:22

Very nice sheet metal work:righton:

ccain529 July 9th 2006 17:48

I have one fender buttoned up and under primer. I still need to tweek it a little but I think it's going to come out OK!:D

beetle1303 July 9th 2006 19:53

Really nice work dude:agree:

Bug@5speed(US) July 9th 2006 22:52


Very nice work....

Keep us posted.

ccain529 July 9th 2006 23:26


Originally Posted by beetle1303
Really nice work dude:agree:


Originally Posted by Bug@5speed(US)
Very nice work....
Keep us posted.

Thanks guys!

MikeVW July 9th 2006 23:53

You did a very good job. May I ask how you did it? Did you use an english wheel?


oasis July 10th 2006 09:27


Originally Posted by beetle1303
Really nice work dude

Y'know, ccain529, until beetle1303 posted this, I had forgotten you did the work yourself. I am very impressed. :agree:

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