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zeroaxe September 27th 2006 21:04

Now here is a GLer for you!

Im confused!? I know that a lot of people consider the Bug as an early Porsche....but......!!?? :confused:

Numberplate = Priceless :agree:

Wally September 30th 2006 11:00

That is not what I would call a 'german' car. Its 'a' looker and looks are not the basic element of the german ;)

Mikey September 30th 2006 22:23

Looks like a 'red-headed step child' no one talks about.

Interesting, not my taste personaly, but interesting. :laugh: Nice work though.

zen October 1st 2006 18:16

there are some elements i really like (the hood) and others i could do without. no doubt, all replies on this thread are just going to be personal opinions keep in mind.

Yellow69 October 3rd 2006 22:20

Is that a Peetle or a Borsche? :laugh: :p

ccain529 October 4th 2006 13:26


Originally Posted by Yellow69 (Post 54240)
Is that a Peetle or a Borsche? :laugh: :p

Borsche or "Borscht" is a vegetable soup, usually including beet roots, which gives it a strong red color. Among English speakers, the word is pronounced as a single syllable, including the "t". As some speakers find this difficult, many drop the "t" and pronounce it "borsh."

And that concludes todays lesson....:laugh:

Panelfantastic October 4th 2006 14:53

I don't know brother, even after the lesson, I think it could still pass as borscht. :D

I echo Zen's thoughts, some good stuff there but maybe a little too far...


ccain529 October 4th 2006 16:31


Originally Posted by Panelfantastic (Post 54262)
I don't know brother, even after the lesson, I think it could still pass as borscht. :D

:laugh: Yeah! Red and nobody really likes it!:laugh:

It might look ok if it were to have it's roof chopped a little with over sized window openings. Still looks like it took a lot of man hours to build. I can sympathize with that.

Steve C October 4th 2006 18:42


We had something just as um.............interesting down here. It was called a Poraga


Yellow69 October 5th 2006 22:01

^^ Oy!! I think I just threw up a little in my mouth and it tasted like Borscht! :laugh:

That's also the sound I made when I threw up!

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