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DORIGTT November 7th 2006 14:55

Body hoist/lift pictures.
I'm looking to be able to 'single-handedly' lift my body on and off the pan. Any pics of hoists or body lifts using cable/rope and pulleys?

Bullyboy November 7th 2006 19:10

mines been off and on 5-6 times only twice with the wifes help.
I just lift the body and slide a 5 gal bucket under the front, lift the back and slide a rolling stool under it. Then I have a piece of steel tube I lift the center of the body with so I can get it on my home made stands. Then just roll the body out from under. Or vice versa.
necessity is a mother of an inventor:rolleyes:

wrenchnride247 November 7th 2006 21:40

One man lift... southern style!

Mikey November 8th 2006 00:10

Nice wrench, I tried that myself. But with a hardtop. It didn't exactly want to work.

I lifted the front off the pan with my engine lift. Put a peice of steel, I could have used a 2x4, across two saw horses, then I raised the rear with the engine lift. I did that to install my water lines.

You can kinda see the engine lift in the back, not the best picture, but you get the idea. :cool:

DORIGTT November 8th 2006 09:13


I'm thinking of a hoist system of block and tackle to lift it 'semi-permanently' while the pan gets worked on.

ricola November 8th 2006 11:44


Originally Posted by wrenchnride247 (Post 55097)

What have you attached the chains to in this pic? I've a feeling I'll have to be lifting the body off my cab soon! Unfortunately in a single garage too :(


DORIGTT November 8th 2006 12:26

Come on Ricola! You know I've got a coupe without a sunroof so I can't use that!:mad:

Maybe I"ll just use my telekinetic powers like fricken Yoda and move the rotted beast!:D

My body's actually fine, I'm just putting my Porsche tranny, routing coolant lines, and lowering my seat pans so I fit with my helmet on.:cool:


wrenchnride247 November 8th 2006 13:31

Rich, I used the seat belt bolts on lower pillars, and "S" hooks in some holes I found above the heater channels up front. I can't remember what the front holes were there for (i did this '79 five years ago for my father in law).

Mikey, I guess the ghia's roof lines too low for my way, but it will work for a STD bug using shorter chains (which is what I did with my '70 STD). Different hoist's have different boom pivot hieghts though (mine came from Northerntool).

MikeVW November 9th 2006 12:35

I have an old VW ad showing the body being lifted with four hooks, one at the top of the arch at each fender. Not sure if this really works though.


alt+f4 November 10th 2006 00:56

we made a big cradle by tying rope aroun the a pillars and through the qt windows and use two come alongs to wench it up to the top of our rafters, then tied it off up there.

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