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V73W February 18th 2008 23:57

Porsche hubs
Anybody have any 87-91 944 hubs so I can get my brake conversion rollin. I try everytime I see a pair on ebay to win them but I just suck at winning anything on ebay.

Also I'm new on the VKG board, I have a early '73 1303 w/ 3 bolt struts. I'm trying to put my brake and suspension together first since I already have a set of 17" turbo twists. Also anything that I need to know extra about putting these wheels under my car like clearance issues or beefin up the steering.

NO_H2O February 19th 2008 09:07

Scott. Take a look here http://
This guy might have some of the stuff you need.

V73W February 19th 2008 09:29

Thanks for the info wonder why someone would part their car out like that?

DORIGTT February 19th 2008 15:32

PM me. I've got a pair from an 86 944 Turbo.

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