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zthomas November 3rd 2010 19:10

Wheel Opinion
Hey guys, I don't hang out here much but in the next couple years I'm going to change my 69 Beetle to a GL. This winter I may be starting out with the pan/suspension and wheels. I was wondering what you guys think of the Enkei EKM3s? I'm not real savvy on aftermarket wheels, but I like the look of these and I think the 17x7s, 5x100 and 45mm offset would be pretty easy to work with.

I'm not sure whether I'll go silver, gunmetal or black yet. I was just curious if these were considered german look enough ;) I'm not ready to spend the money, and I really won't have a large budget to work with so we'll see what happens!

Also, the car will eventually be painted a factory Scion color, Galactic Grey Mica. I think it'd look awesome and help to modernize the look of the car a bit

ricola November 4th 2010 08:24

First thing to decide on is brakes, as they will alter your offsets and bolt pattern...

zthomas November 4th 2010 17:39

Good point! It's KG front discs and "stock" disc kit in the back. There's a local shop that will be re-drilling and adding studs when the time comes.

BTW Ricola, love you're vert! :D

oasis November 12th 2010 11:46


Originally Posted by zthomas (Post 78202)
It's KG front discs and "stock" disc kit in the back. There's a local shop that will be re-drilling and adding studs when the time comes.

The 5x100 bolt pattern is used on many water-cooled Dubs from the late-1990s to the mid-2000s. I had BBS wheels from a limited edition Jetta and Karmann Ghia disc brakes. A problem I encountered was the Ghia brakes had a larger hub than the hub-hole of the wheels. I had to have two of my BBS wheels machined to accommodate.

Although these wheels look similar to the BBS wheels I had, they may not be so easy to machine. Heck, I don't know how easy mine were to machine or how lucky I was to stumble across someone who would do it for me. Anyway, it may be something to look into before you get to the uh-oh stage I had reached once upon a time.

Good luck.

Steve C November 13th 2010 04:11


I have 17x7 5x100 Subaru wheels on my daily/sons 1303, I had the hubs turned down so that the wheels would fit OK, I couldn't fit a front centre cap as the grease cap pocked through the wheel to far.

7.5 might a little to wide unless your running wider fenders or a narrowed beam.


zthomas November 15th 2010 10:37

I appreciate the responses guys! Once I get ready to get a new set of wheels I'm going to see if any of the local shops have any in stock to try on and if not I'll order one wheel first to make sure they fit. Wouldn't want to have to spend all the money if none of them fit!

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