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aircool October 31st 2006 16:07

Rear Apron/ Valance
Does anyone know where (preferably in the uk or europe) I can get a rear apron/valance with holes punched in it for cooling?

MikeVW November 1st 2006 01:03

What kind of holes? Can you just get a hole saw and bore out some holes?


aircool November 1st 2006 17:53

Could do but the cars I have seen in mags have them pressed in, they look pretty cool.

aircool November 1st 2006 17:56

1 Attachment(s)
Like these-

MikeVW November 1st 2006 23:33

You could make your own die. Use hard wood and make a male and female piece with the taper in it. Drill the hole to the size you want and then put the male end on the outside and the female on the inside and tap with a hammer. Give it a shot on a piece of scrap first!


Chris Percival November 3rd 2006 07:22

Cut the holes with a whole saw, then use this tool from Frost:

A good hole saw and that tool could be used all over your vehicle.. :)

aircool November 8th 2006 17:25

Thanks Chris, frost's is a really cool shop!

Chris Percival November 9th 2006 03:33

Expensive though...

Zman November 15th 2006 23:37

Has anyone made the back panel between the rear fenders removable for easy engine installs? I have seen them in pictures from Remmele, but didn't know exactly how they did it as far as making it attachable back. I figured they welded some flanges just below where they cut it and used pins or a cool screw type holder to reattach it. :rolleyes:

Bullyboy November 16th 2006 01:00

I used the method on this website

pretty simple and you can't tell its removable

Chris Percival November 16th 2006 03:32

I will be making my entire rear end removable soon, from the firewall back. Details to follow on

beetlecupdriver November 17th 2006 06:00

I removed my rear valence same as the shown, then welded a steel strip to the inside of both bumper mounts.
Trimmed the ends of the rear panel so it fits neatly against the wing beading when lined up.
Cut away all the double skinned part on the underside of the panel and with a trim here and there it fits exactly,
if it wasn't for the 4 Dzus fasteners holding it in place you wouldn't really notice it's removable.

You can just see it in the picture and make out the fasteners.

Steve C November 17th 2006 08:54


I made mine removable, but a lot of removable aprons I have seen leave no support at in the rear end and the you can see the back end of the car shudder if they gas it up of the line, so I've made my engine bay a little wider to accommodate Suby motor with some 25 x 25 mm tube, then the rear apron bolts onto this tubing.

The Suby motors are real tight fit and are also a pain as they want to fall off the jack all the time.


Zman November 20th 2006 12:41


Originally Posted by Bullyboy (Post 55241)
I used the method on this website

pretty simple and you can't tell its removable

Thanks, Bullyboy, this was helpful and a nice way of doing it without any thing noticeable. :D Thanks to the rest as well, all have great points. :agree:

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