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NO_H2O January 20th 2008 20:45

Dyno Day/Silverdollar Showdown 3/8-3/9
Dyno Day will be held at AllSpeed in Peachtree City, GA on Sat March 8th and the Silverdollar Showdown (VW drag racing/swapmeet/car show) will be held at the Silverdollar Dragway in Reynolds GA.

Dyno Day Info

Silverdollar Showdown Info

wrenchnride247 January 21st 2008 22:17

I'm in! :D

petevw January 21st 2008 22:55

Me too!

Anybody else from the GTA going?


Lazarus January 22nd 2008 10:32

looks like i may be there with the new 2316. its hard to tell right now. even if the new plant is not ready i may still come and watch.

NO_H2O January 22nd 2008 19:27

The progress of my Type 4 will hinge on heads and exhaust.

petevw January 22nd 2008 21:01


Originally Posted by Lazarus (Post 63708)
the new 2316

ohh really.... do tell. Sold the 2275?

So is it a 2316-200?

c'mon, spill the beans.:lmao:

yellow73 January 22nd 2008 23:55

I hope to get there. It would be great to have a strong Type IV showing in 2008, mine was the only one to dyno last year, I think....

petevw January 22nd 2008 23:56

Nigel, what power did you put down?

If there is a strong T4 showing, I MAY convert. :eek:

Lazarus January 23rd 2008 11:07


Originally Posted by petevw (Post 63720)
Nigel, what power did you put down?

If there is a strong T4 showing, I MAY convert. :eek:

drivablity is the biggest reason to convert. after nigel drove my car at bug-a-palooza the first thing he said was it seemed like forever b4 the thing wanted to go. btw that was the 2275's last drive b4 it got on a boat to the land down under.movin on to bigger and better things. its all about the torque.

yellow73 January 23rd 2008 22:01

If I remember correctly it did 128HP at the wheels.
It is the same car and engine that I drove to Savannah from Atlanta and back (250 miles each way) without missing a beat in 90+ degree heat.
This is with a 2270 built in 2002 with 8.5:1 CR.
Laz brings up a good point - it is very driveable - it can do 30 in 4th and then keeps pulling until you let off.

petevw January 24th 2008 02:57

Sooo.... whose T4 can i take around the block? :D

NO_H2O January 29th 2008 20:05

Pete, no I still have the 2275 and it is for sale. I'm sure we can get you a ride in a T-4 powered vehicle.
We just got back from a brutal road trip to Baton Rouge delivering a Bus, Herbie Jr. go kart and fit a Tilton # pedal set w/3 master cylinders in Herbie X. Dave (Herbie X's owner) said he will try to clear a spot in his calender to drive up for Dyno Day.

petevw January 30th 2008 00:29


Originally Posted by NO_H2O (Post 63835)
Pete, no I still have the 2275 and it is for sale.

Really? I'm interested, please PM me the details.

Panelfantastic February 2nd 2008 19:17

Accomodations? I saw where a bunch said they were staying in Perry? Looks quite a ways from the dyno event, definately going in the wrong direction for anybody coming in from the north. Why not stay in Peachtree City?

NO_H2O February 2nd 2008 21:23

Days Inn or Best Western in Peachtree City were the ones for Dyno Day last year. I don't have phone info for them but I'm sure they have info online.

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