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aircured October 30th 2010 09:43

17" on standard sudan
I am currently running 16x6 5x100 et35. :eekno:

Looking to fit 17" alloys on my standard beetle - anyone know what size wheel and what offset (ET) will work without having to change my fenders or anything else. :confused:

Any information appreciated...

volksmeister November 3rd 2010 07:02

You can look up GL Forum Technical articles under "Fitting Modern Wheels to your Beetle"...
Alternative, you can visit Vdub Engineering website which has plenty of info about putting on 17s".. just see "Techincal - Wheel Fitment"

aircured November 3rd 2010 17:59

Thanks for the info Vdub Engineering website is good.

oasis November 12th 2010 12:10


Originally Posted by volksmeister (Post 78191)
You can look up GL Forum Technical articles under "Fitting Modern Wheels to your Beetle"...

Maybe I'm dense but I just happened to look there first, then a second time when searching for a similar answer and coming to this thread, and I didn't see it either time. I am very unfamiliar with standard Beetles compared to the research I did for my 1302, so trying to find info without going to aftermarket front fenders is what I am after as well.

Also, I guess there is more to the concept of a narrowed beam than that tucked-under look I personally don't like (no offense to those who have a differing opinion), but frankly that is all too new to me as well.

I have had a few different cars fall through for me -- a Brasillia, a '75 1303, a 411, and a Notch. Although I am generally partial to a Super in the bug realm, there is standard that has really caught my imagination.

itHaKa November 12th 2010 21:09

for 17 inches i recommend no more than 7 inches if you have stock guards , because the front wheels needs to turn ...

for offsets, the higher the number, the better, since you can always put spacers to get the rim to the outer side
offsets et 52 - et 55 are key

not sure if you have short swing axles, for short swing axles you will need spacers on the back
i am running cup 3 twist replicas with 17 X 7.5 et 52 all around , long swing axles and no spacers requiered for the rear, for front i have a 2 inch narrowed beam which helps but a 7 inch rim would have fitted better

sorry about my english
just my two pesos ,i am Argentinian ;)

aircured November 15th 2010 07:13

thank you, thats some very good information.
what tyres are you running on the 17x7.5 rims


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