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vujade March 2nd 2003 03:19

Just got home :)
After a grueling ride thru heavy rain & traffic I just got home from Georgia.

Zen, thanks for your hospitality.
Sorry we couldnt stay the night tonite, my wife was not feeling well at all.
We both enjoyed meeting you & your family. Btw, my wife loved your kids.
I did have a good time in spite the bad weather & the cut short trip. :)
I cant wait til we all hook up at the Jax Show March 30th.

Pillow & Dave, sorry I couldn't hang out longer to get to meet you guys too. :(
Definitely next time :)

zen March 2nd 2003 13:42

enjoyed it too. the weather couldn't have been much worse (which sucks when the day before was beautiful). but we got the important thing out of the way. we will be booking out hotel this week for JAX on 3/30. will let you know. glad you got back safe.

vujade March 2nd 2003 13:56

The drive home sucked!

It rained harder in Florida on the way home then it did the whole trip. I had to drive 50mph at times because of hydroplaning! :silly:

zen March 2nd 2003 16:19

and as luck would have it, it is sunny and warm today. we have the whole house open. go figure. glad you made it though. if nothing else, there is a face to the name now. btw, i emailed you know who on sponsorship info.

vujade March 2nd 2003 16:54

Yes, I agree completely. It is nice to finally have met you. :)
It is now sunny hear too, though it did rain til lunch time.

NO_H2O March 3rd 2003 00:37

Sorry I missed you too. I had to work. I got some stuff I need to give to Jake too. I will hook up with him soon I hope. Maybe next trip I won't have to work.

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