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kenfyoozed March 11th 2004 19:07

Possibly another meet?
Hey guys,
Theres a show July 30/31 weekend in Montgomery,Al. A race on Saturday nite and a show sunday. Heres a link form

Of course my car wont be ready, but we could still show up and and recriut new members and show what we will be doing are where we are going with this look.


kenfyoozed March 12th 2004 20:28

OK? So noone has any thoughts? Good or bad? :confused:

NO_H2O March 12th 2004 21:14

I will not be able to make that one. I have already put in for vacation for all the shows I can for this year.

boygenius March 12th 2004 22:08

That show is a little too far for me to drive with my current car...

Give me a few more months, and then we shall see... :laugh:

zen March 12th 2004 22:13

good possibility. i still have to figure out when we are going on vacation to FL this summer. i'm hoping to at least hit the Heart of Dixie show in ATL in June.

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