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southeastvw March 12th 2004 15:21

SEVWA wants to give a BIG THANKs to those VKG'ers that could assist us on Sunday!
Zen, sorry about everything that happened. We hope that you will recover with the engine and be out for another show. I do know that everyone thought your car was SWEET! :D

kenfyoozed March 12th 2004 17:11

It was fun helping out. I had a blast. Anytime I can do it again , just let me know.

NO_H2O March 12th 2004 17:12

Glad we could help out.

yetibone March 12th 2004 19:50

:bawling: Sorry I didn't make it. :(

zen March 12th 2004 22:21

thanks Kathy. plans are already in the works. looks like i will be making one change to the engine. ;) sorry i bailed on you Sunday. i probably won't make next month's shows, but should be back up and running for CYW.

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