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TOW74 July 3rd 2005 16:13

proportioning valve
:confused: What's up Everyone?

What is a proportioning valve for? , and do I realy nead it with the porsche 944 brake conversion? I have 1974 1303 and I am converting the stock brakes to porsche. Thanks, TOW74

puma-Alex July 3rd 2005 18:57

The valve will let you adjust the brake " bias " front / rear . If placed in series with the rear brake line , you can adjust the pressure for the rear calippers , and if on the front , vice versa .

flat July 3rd 2005 20:59

A proportioning valve is silmilar to a pneumatic pressure regulator. Upto a certain pressure (the knee point) the prop valve lets the pressure increase at without regulation. When you reach the knee point, the pressure increase is regulated (smaller slope, graphically speaking). So, you can only reduce pressure with a prop valve.

If you have a vehicle where the rear brakes lock before the front, then you can add a prop valve to the rear circuit to balance the beast. If your front locks up first, then you have more problems. It is illegal in most places to regulate the front circuit of a braking system. Check your local laws before trying a prop valve in the front.

For a balanced vehicle, you want the fronts to lock up JUST (did I mention JUST) before the rears. Understeer is easier to control than oversteer.


TOW74 July 4th 2005 11:14

Thanks for your help guys,

Were can I buy one in case I have that problem? I'm located in the US. Thanks, TOW74

flat July 4th 2005 23:47

Wilwood make a nice one. It's set up for 1/8NPT fittings, but they sell the adaptors for metric bubble flare seperately. Any speed shop should sell it, like Summit or Jegs.


TOW74 July 5th 2005 06:52

Thanks Flat,

I'm going to go to there web sites and take a look. Peace! :agree:

oicdn July 5th 2005 10:07

Check out eBay. just type in proportioning valve They're like $1-2 cheaper ($38 instead of $39) and some of them are free shipping.....

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