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wrenchnride247 October 13th 2009 21:42

Who's going? (besides Laz)

bow October 13th 2009 23:20

where is it?

NO_H2O October 14th 2009 01:45

Greer SC. Oct 16-18 at the BMW Plant.

bow October 15th 2009 22:16

sad i gotta work

wrenchnride247 October 16th 2009 22:39

Looks like I might not make it myself :(. Got a surprise project that showed up in the late hours the other day... my weekend is shot now! (it pays for my project's though)

Lazarus October 17th 2009 22:11

you guys didnt miss much. it was very cold and rainy. the eurofest committee announced the VW will be the marquee car for 2010 eurofest. so that being said this is going to be the must attend event for next season.

wrenchnride247 October 17th 2009 23:10

Mine should be ready for next year...:dance:

NO_H2O October 18th 2009 10:24

I better get my basket-o-parts together then.:lmao:

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