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711302 December 6th 2012 16:34

Center Console
I would like to build a custom center console for my car. A place to store stuff out of site and somewhere to mount switches for my electric windows, door locks and seats, as well as a couple of USP ports. Here are some ideas. These are custom made for a classic Mustang but the concept will work for our cars. If you have any suggestion please chime in.

Birdman69 December 7th 2012 03:20

You are going to have too make it very thin to fit a beetle.
I decided to extend the ashtray part of the dash to fit vents and switches.

Woodendad December 11th 2012 23:04

I really like both examples but they are too wide.
One thing I am considering is Lincoln style window switches
hidden out of site under the arm rest. They mounted within easy finger tip access. You can't drink in my car so you don't need cup holders. Just me. Recently I found a pic of an off road aluminum center gauge console cut down finished, and hung on the ceiling. It looked good.
What seats are you gonna run? Pics?

711302 December 12th 2012 14:52

They are black leather seats out of a Mazda 6, heated with electric tilt/trim. I need to get them out of storage and mock everything up to see how much space I have. If I remember correctly they are close in size to the stock seats.

powerbug December 13th 2012 17:10

You might want to take a look here. A lot to choose from.

GL-Aussielooker January 22nd 2013 10:03

Watch this video, it might give you some ideas.

711302 January 28th 2013 14:22

Thanks for the link. The PVC foam board should be very lite.

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