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Bogara_ZO June 16th 2006 11:35

Audi TT...never seen like that
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:eek: i have to show you theese pictures...what the hell is it???? a joke? Looks like a car from "the 5th element" or stg like this, I can't see well on the photo, is it Bruce Willis driving it? I'm not sure but I think I like the bodywork, with normal wheels could be an impressive showcar..

Bogara_ZO June 16th 2006 11:36

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the last picture:

bow June 16th 2006 12:41

thats one of those cars off of i-robot with will smith

Bogara_ZO June 16th 2006 14:54


Originally Posted by bow
thats one of those cars off of i-robot with will smith

Sure?? I'll check it thnx ;)

bow June 16th 2006 15:50

yes im positive his is white though and i think there is a few more in the movie

EvilAngel June 25th 2006 23:05

Well i remember seeing in some magazine will smith's car from i robot. It was an audi but it wasnt a tt. it had another name which i cant remember.

it's a prototype car.

If you want i can check it out

zen June 29th 2006 19:52

that is a TT converted to look like the iRobot car. if i remember correctly, the prototype for the movie was the same design study that produced the LeMans or R8 or whatever they are calling it now.

zen June 29th 2006 19:53

P.S. the car in the movie used spheres instead of wheels...ah, one day. imagine the fun you could have with that.:agree:

Yellow69 August 28th 2006 13:36

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The car that Will Smith drove in iRobot wasn't a TT. It was a 2004 RSQ Concept. The TT that Bogara attached was most likely inspired by the movie but I dont think it was in it. I could be wrong though. Its been a while since I saw it.

This is the car from the movie...

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