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ECBug July 11th 2006 16:58

german adDICKtion.
Does anyone know how to get our money back from this guy?
I emailed him several times and now the site is gone and my money!!!:mad: :mad:

Lazarus July 11th 2006 21:02

the guys name is chris. he posts on stf from time to time. as far as the money goes the way i look at it is it was twenty dollars invested in a mag that didnt make it. with investments comes risks. in this case the risk did not pay off. think of it as a life lesson. i mean its twenty bucks im not gonna make a big deal out of it. im also not gonna slander the guy all over the internet for doing something that he put his own time and money into that didnt make it. its not like he didnt try. the vw crowd is small in comparison to the hot rod/import scene. thats why one vw mag went away to begin with.

ECBug July 12th 2006 19:16

Thats kool, but I was told by him 2 times He would refund the money. I asked before it went under.

zen July 14th 2006 08:42

i would imagine he is WAY in the hole and probably doesn't have the money to refund. chris is a SUPER nice guy and not deceptive at all. the reality that starting a mag is a HUGE undertaking and costly just hit him.

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