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vujade January 12th 2003 01:47

Show season is upon us
Hey guys...

the show season is upon us once again (especially here in FL)
I was wondering what shows you guys were attending?

Here is a list of Florida shows that I want to attend this Spring:

Feb 16 - VolksBlast in Miami

Feb 23 - Bugs On The Pier 4 in St Pete

Mar 17 - Orlando Show & Shine in Orlando

Mar 30 - Volkswagens at the Beach 5 in Jacksonville

Apr 06 - Show & Shine XX in Ft Lauderdale

Apr 27 - VW's Over The Skyway in Tampa

These are the ones that I would like to attend, not sure if I will be able to make it to all of them but, I will definitely attend Miami (Feb 16), Orlando (Mar 17) & Ft Lauderdale (Apr 06).

What other shows are there in Georgia this spring that are worth attending?

zen January 13th 2003 09:01

will have to look at the GA and neighboring shows. i know north vs. south is next month and Bugapalooza in March. not looking like i will be driving my bug to those though. maybe the latter half of the season. my water-pumper will have to do for now. it is at least a GL ;).

i won't be making the south FL shows unless i am able to co-ord a vacation with one. and that is possible for the summer shows. tampa and orlanda maybe.

vujade January 13th 2003 10:12


what about the Jax show VW's at the Beach?

Ive never been to it, but it looks pretty fun...

Pillow January 13th 2003 13:21

I have heard good things about the Jax show.

My camping usually screws up the show circuit for me. But a couple shows a year is necessary.

zen January 14th 2003 00:14


Originally posted by vujade

what about the Jax show VW's at the Beach?

Ive never been to it, but it looks pretty fun...

a distict possibility. we have some friends that live there. all a question of where they are in their divorce :) will have ot see if i can plan it with the family.

NO_H2O January 15th 2003 10:03

North vs South Shootout April 6
Bug-a-Paluza April 26-27
Circle Yer Wagens May 3-4
(?) Alabama Bug Jam June 7-8
Southeastern Bug Fair Sept.-14
Circle Yer Wagens Oct. 4-5
Florida Bug Jam weekend Nov. 8-9

vujade February 1st 2003 08:51

Miami Volksblast
Anyone going?

I'll be there in two weeks :)
I might bring some T4 parts for sale too.

zen February 1st 2003 10:04

wish i could, but i can't afford the long weekend to drive down there. maybe i will talk to the wife about flying down since we are not using our miles for a europe trip this year. i swear everytime we try that a war breaks out.

vujade February 1st 2003 10:08

I love going down to Miami for the weekend, there is so
much to do down there.

I think we will go down on Saturday & spend the nite there so that we can go to the show early on Sunday.

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