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skywalker July 16th 2005 18:05

Questions about skywalkers ride
Click here for more information on this ride.

volkdent June 13th 2006 16:30

Nice fitment! I noticed you've got the trailer hitch, what do you pull? Are you keeping it that height for the same reason?


skywalker June 13th 2006 17:12

Hey Jason,

I live in very hard circumstances. I have a wife and two daughters. Do you know what women want to carry if they go to a VW-meeting for only a weekend? If I had two boys it would only be a football and a pair of clean underpants, but women want to carry al kinds of stuff, I didn’t even know they exists... ;) So that trailer hitch is for the three most important women in my life. Yeah, I really live in very hard circumstances…

About the height: I changed the front strut too, because I had troubles with the old one. The wheels came of the road surface at some moments. The height with these new struts is equal to what it was. In the old set-up my tires could hit the fenders when not taken carefully a traffic island. And we have a lot of them in The Netherlands. Just have to see how this set-up holds.

I am not going to spend a lot of time on my super, because I still have my unfinished split bus project. The change of the front struts was really necessary. I decided to change the discs and the drums to 5x130 for these Boxters, because this did not take a lot of extra time to do so.


johnnyvee June 13th 2006 17:59

Car is looking damn sexy, keep it up

volkdent June 13th 2006 19:55

Hard circumstances indeed! Glad to hear you've got it under control! I think you made the right choice in who is your favourite. Looking great anyway.

Do you have pics of the bus project? What are your plans for it?


skywalker June 14th 2006 05:05


Originally Posted by volkdent
Do you have pics of the bus project? What are your plans for it?

Of course I have pictures of my split bus restoration. On I have a thread about my spit bus restoration.
My splitty is going to be a “German Looker”, well forget the word looker: It’s going to be 'German'. ;)
Unfortunately it is in Dutch, but there are a lot of pictures.
Thread on "":

Edit: english version:

Some specs:
Safari windows
Porsche 944 brakes at front
IRS with Porsche 914 tranny
Porsche 2.2 litre type 4 engine (brand new with only original Porsche parts, Porsche cooling and DTA
Wheels: Porsche Cup II

A little teaser, my Porsche 2.2 L type 4 at my spit bus:

If any of you have questions, feel free to ask.


wrenchnride247 June 14th 2006 11:21

Are those Martin's (Bug@5speed) conversion parts?

skywalker June 14th 2006 12:00

Yes, that are parts provided by Martin.
See also this post on this forum.

skywalker August 29th 2014 17:14

Wow that's been a while. :)

The split screen is finished and - of course - it's a German Look.

It's also featured in the latest issue of Ultra VW:

krukab October 20th 2014 15:33

With 17" BBS Le Mans the bus is looking even better !!

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