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NO_H2O December 10th 2003 21:59

914 dash is in
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Here it is

NO_H2O December 10th 2003 21:59

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another pic

vujade December 10th 2003 22:03

looks awesome Dave

hybrid_john December 11th 2003 00:00

It looks really good man... the steering wheel complements the dash....:D


super vw December 11th 2003 00:24

how is the acuracy of the speedo compaired to the beetle one? Im still looking for a good set of 914 gauges but havent gotten any yet. what size tires and wheels are you using?

NO_H2O December 11th 2003 00:33

I just got it (gauge cluster) in and haven't run it yet. I have been told they are the same (both 1to1). The gas gauge registered 3/4 tank on both.
I am running 195/50/16 on the front. I will post results when I get it out on the road.

craazy Cooter December 11th 2003 01:46

with the 914 speedometer, does the cable hook up the same?

NO_H2O December 11th 2003 09:00

Went right in and looks to be correct. I will post results when I get it out for a drive. It will be my next days off before I get it out. My other bug developed and electrical problem and I will have to fix it today, then back to work tonight.:mad:

Sandeep December 11th 2003 11:27

Looks great !

You have the same setup that I do. The tach seems to be a little 'Slow' if you know what I mean ... it seems to bounce around a bit when I accelerate really hard but when I'm cruising, its steady.

The whole setup bolts right in including the speedo cable but one item I had to rig up was the alt light circuit that jump starts the charging system ... had to wire it like my old bug speedo, no problem though.

Steering wheel looks awesome, what is the brand ?


NO_H2O December 11th 2003 12:06

The wheel is sold by APC it is made by Grant. I normaly don't like APC stuff but when i saw it I liked it and the price was hard to beat ($65).
I wired the "Gen" and "oil" lights with their own power (2 prong bulb holders).

Supa Ninja December 12th 2003 03:29

Looks good but keep a lookout for a combination oil temp/fuel guage, that helps in the summer.


NO_H2O December 12th 2003 05:04

I have the oil temp, oil press, volt and 2 cyl head temp gauges in a center console. I wanted to use the 914 combo gauge for the lights and fuel gauge.:D

Supa Ninja December 13th 2003 03:58


Originally posted by NO_H2O
I have the oil temp, oil press, volt and 2 cyl head temp gauges in a center console.
That'll work.

NO_H2O December 16th 2003 19:35

Well I fired it up today and gave the gauges a proper ops check. The Tach is a bit slow and bouncy with the clutch in, but driving it seams to be ok. Everything is working good.

hybrid_john December 16th 2003 22:37

Good to hear that H20....:D



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