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dbcflash September 4th 2004 06:00

I got pounded by hurrican Hugo years ago. No water for two days, no power for two weeks and no cable TV for a month and a half. We used the headlight and battery from my Microbus for light. Everybody we knew did okay though.

Hope you guys make it through without casualties.

boygenius September 4th 2004 18:48

Well it is starting to get windy here already even though the eye of the storm hasn't even made landfall. I should be fine over here, Joe you hang in there buddy. :agree:

Vincent September 4th 2004 20:36

Good luck
Just looked at the weather channel that looks BAD! hope you guys are ok.

vujade September 4th 2004 21:38

the eye has made landfall, but not the center of the eye.

we are currently getting 30mph winds with gusts at 50.
tomorrow winds are supposed to be 60mph with gusts even higher then that.
were supposed to get at least 10 inches of rain.

vujade September 4th 2004 21:39

at least we havent lost power yet....LOL

Carbon Joe September 4th 2004 21:52

Hang in there Joe, we're all praying for you.

vujade September 4th 2004 21:56

thanks Joe :D

Vincent September 4th 2004 23:10

hope you and your cars weather the storm with out a scratch

zen September 5th 2004 09:21

so how are you joe? hope all is OK. what is the area like? my sister-in-law is up here. sure she would love some news.

justdubbin September 5th 2004 15:59

You guys are getting all this and we complain when we get two or three inches of rain here in the UK.

I just hope you and your loved ones, ohh and your cars make it through unscathed.


Vincent September 5th 2004 17:35

any news? how you guys doing down there?

vujade September 6th 2004 20:35

well we survived.... everything is good.
we never lost power this time.
we did however lose phones for two days.
just got my internet back tonite.

I talked with Brendan and he was fine also, although he is still without power.

justdubbin September 6th 2004 20:54

:) I'm realy pleased you made it through fine,,,ohh and BG


Vincent September 6th 2004 20:58

glad you guys are ok

zen September 6th 2004 21:12

glad to hear it. hope damage wasn't too bad. we are getting ready to get the leading edge literally any minute now.

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