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vujade September 6th 2004 21:50

well Charlie did more damage for us then this storm, but I think thats because Charlie did all of Frances' dirty work for her :D

Supa Ninja September 7th 2004 00:06

I'm Glad you two are alright, looks like Ivan is up next.

NO_H2O September 7th 2004 08:13

Good to hear all is well. :agree:

vujade September 7th 2004 08:48


Originally Posted by Supa Ninja
I'm Glad you two are alright, looks like Ivan is up next.

thats alright, Ill be up at Toccoa :D

boygenius September 7th 2004 18:27

I'm back...
Well the power finally came back on today around 5:00 p.m. That's a whopping 52 hours without power, man that was bad. There was some damage to the neighborhood but not much to my house. Basicly I won't have to trim any trees in my yard. :D It was pretty cool actually since the storm sucked all the water out of the bay when it was south of me. Yes I was at the waters edge in the middle of a tropical storm. :rolleyes:

Carbon Joe September 7th 2004 18:45

Sounds carzy, good to hear you boys are OK

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