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vujade September 1st 2004 11:10

Here we go again... :(
Looks like Frances is coming straight for us..... and this time its might be worse then Charlie because we wont be getting the tail end of it, but rather direct impact.

Hopefully it will turn north before it hits the coast. Otherwise, we may not have a town left....LOL :eek:

Kafer_Mike September 1st 2004 12:21

Hang in there Joe and stay safe...

vujade September 1st 2004 12:52

well I wont make a decision on what to do until tomorrow night.
If its coming accross the state... IM going towards Jax.
If its gonna turn north, we'll go towards Tampa.

zen September 1st 2004 12:55

good luck. one of the joys of living in paradise. our thoughts are with you guys. go hang out with BG. :laugh:

i haven't heard from my sister-in-law and family. they are in Ormand Beach.

NO_H2O September 1st 2004 13:17

Good luck. Stay Safe.

vujade September 1st 2004 13:25

well zen, this storm is 300 miles in diameter... it is expected to hit from west palm beach all the way up to Jax, if it stays on its present course.

Im sure this whole area is going to be under mandatory evac... :(

craazy Cooter September 1st 2004 19:11

Put on your helmet. Good luck

super vw September 1st 2004 19:39


Originally Posted by craazy Cooter
Put on your helmet. Good luck

Damn straight!... better be one of those neat German military ones :D

Anyways, best of luck to you guys in the area!

boygenius September 2nd 2004 01:01

Hurricane season stinks. :( It looks like the eye will pass within 100 miles of my house so I'm at least looking at 100mph + winds. If it doesn't turn north by Thursday night I will be off to home depot to get a bunch of plywood to board up the house. Since I don't think I can get plywood to hold accross the garage door I will need to get some concrete anchor bolts to secure my body, chassis and my motorcycle to the floor incase the door blows away. I wouold hate to see all of my hard work get blown from the garage and down the street. :( :mad:

NO_H2O September 2nd 2004 07:25

Looks like ya'll should pack up and head up for the Bug Fair early. Get the screw gun/plywood and duct tape out and do the best you can. I remember getting ready for Typhoons when I was on Okinawa. The buildings on that Island were ugly but they held up to the storms well. Our place had big wooden shutters that looked like barn doors on steel tracks with big latches to cover all the windows and doors. Our oldest son is the result of Typhoon Aby almost 21 years ago, what else is there to do when your riding one out.

Supa Ninja September 2nd 2004 23:33

My thoughts and prayers are with our FL brothers. The closest I've gotten a hurricane was in '95 Felix at Virginia Beach, it was weak but the beach actually had big enough waves to boggie board on. Then in the Navy on a Carrier off the coast of Mexico we hit a El Nino storm that I walked on the walls and it put a hole in the side of the ****, with swells going over the flight deck. Nature is very powerful, especially, water and wind.


Good luck and God speed Joe and BG

boygenius September 4th 2004 00:28

Hey if anybody was curious as to where I live just follow the path of the eye of the storm as it will pass right over my house. :bawling:

vujade September 4th 2004 00:34


Originally Posted by boygenius
Hey if anybody was curious as to where I live just follow the path of the eye of the storm as it will pass right over my house. :bawling:

hang in there B :agree:

boygenius September 4th 2004 00:40


Originally Posted by vujade
hang in there B :agree:

Should only be a tropical storm by the time it gets to my house. I'm not too worried. The only thing that worries me is the expected 10" to 15" of rain that we are going to get. It is going to be a long miserable weekend. :(

Supa Ninja September 4th 2004 01:45

I'm glad you two are alright. :)

dbcflash September 4th 2004 06:00

I got pounded by hurrican Hugo years ago. No water for two days, no power for two weeks and no cable TV for a month and a half. We used the headlight and battery from my Microbus for light. Everybody we knew did okay though.

Hope you guys make it through without casualties.

boygenius September 4th 2004 18:48

Well it is starting to get windy here already even though the eye of the storm hasn't even made landfall. I should be fine over here, Joe you hang in there buddy. :agree:

Vincent September 4th 2004 20:36

Good luck
Just looked at the weather channel that looks BAD! hope you guys are ok.

vujade September 4th 2004 21:38

the eye has made landfall, but not the center of the eye.

we are currently getting 30mph winds with gusts at 50.
tomorrow winds are supposed to be 60mph with gusts even higher then that.
were supposed to get at least 10 inches of rain.

vujade September 4th 2004 21:39

at least we havent lost power yet....LOL

Carbon Joe September 4th 2004 21:52

Hang in there Joe, we're all praying for you.

vujade September 4th 2004 21:56

thanks Joe :D

Vincent September 4th 2004 23:10

hope you and your cars weather the storm with out a scratch

zen September 5th 2004 09:21

so how are you joe? hope all is OK. what is the area like? my sister-in-law is up here. sure she would love some news.

justdubbin September 5th 2004 15:59

You guys are getting all this and we complain when we get two or three inches of rain here in the UK.

I just hope you and your loved ones, ohh and your cars make it through unscathed.


Vincent September 5th 2004 17:35

any news? how you guys doing down there?

vujade September 6th 2004 20:35

well we survived.... everything is good.
we never lost power this time.
we did however lose phones for two days.
just got my internet back tonite.

I talked with Brendan and he was fine also, although he is still without power.

justdubbin September 6th 2004 20:54

:) I'm realy pleased you made it through fine,,,ohh and BG


Vincent September 6th 2004 20:58

glad you guys are ok

zen September 6th 2004 21:12

glad to hear it. hope damage wasn't too bad. we are getting ready to get the leading edge literally any minute now.

vujade September 6th 2004 21:50

well Charlie did more damage for us then this storm, but I think thats because Charlie did all of Frances' dirty work for her :D

Supa Ninja September 7th 2004 00:06

I'm Glad you two are alright, looks like Ivan is up next.

NO_H2O September 7th 2004 08:13

Good to hear all is well. :agree:

vujade September 7th 2004 08:48


Originally Posted by Supa Ninja
I'm Glad you two are alright, looks like Ivan is up next.

thats alright, Ill be up at Toccoa :D

boygenius September 7th 2004 18:27

I'm back...
Well the power finally came back on today around 5:00 p.m. That's a whopping 52 hours without power, man that was bad. There was some damage to the neighborhood but not much to my house. Basicly I won't have to trim any trees in my yard. :D It was pretty cool actually since the storm sucked all the water out of the bay when it was south of me. Yes I was at the waters edge in the middle of a tropical storm. :rolleyes:

Carbon Joe September 7th 2004 18:45

Sounds carzy, good to hear you boys are OK

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