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Supa Ninja August 28th 2005 21:05

'72 Formula Vee Super
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I retired my 1302 recently because I wanted a solid foundation. Here is what I found near me. It's a Formula Vee and I have never seen one before so that is kinda cool. I'll be changing the color to a porsche canary yellow, but i think i'll keep the FV stickers. She's not a cherry, but that is original paint, and the body has never been hit, plus it has most of the goodies for A/C :D .

NO_H2O August 28th 2005 23:09

I hade one of those and restored it back in 1987 put Fuchs(repro's) on it. It was (Crayola) Blue and had A/C but I never put a compressor back on it. Never found the Formula Vee stickers to put back on it after paint.

Supa Ninja September 21st 2005 22:37

Scratch the Formula Vee, I found a more complete '71 1302 that's just as straight. Got cal look windows already (they look cool, but if it didn't have them already I wouldn't have done that mod), A/C :D , and a hydraulic clutch (its a auto stick conversion). It will be delivered tommorrow morning, so I'll be back in this thing again. I've had the itch real bad, and now i get to scratch :rolleyes:

zen September 23rd 2005 08:25

good to hear you are back at it Nick.

Supa Ninja September 23rd 2005 11:43

Hell ya! It feels good. I'm discovering all kinds of differences between a '71 1302 and a '72. There are the obvious ones like the '71's smaller rear window, and the '72's engine diagnostic plug, but I didn't know the steering columns were different, and the '72's have a whole lot more undercoating in the wheel wells, and a lot more tar on the pan.
I'll post pics as i get into it.


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