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V73W September 9th 2008 06:58

Closer to braking euphoria!
Well I just got a set of 87 944 t calipers for my 1303, I was just wanting to share my great news. I paid $177 for both, now I just need the money to send everything to lanner.

NO_H2O September 9th 2008 08:41

Sweet. You will have a set of big sexxy brakes before you know it.

oasis September 9th 2008 11:31


Originally Posted by V73W (Post 67341)
... I just got a set of 87 944 t calipers for my 1303 ...

Congrats. Seems like you're headed in an excellent direction. :)

V73W September 10th 2008 06:55

But of course at first I'll still be running drums out back, cause I just don't have the money to set it up too and I really wanna get my turbo twists on there as soon as possible, can anyone say forward brake bias?!

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