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Superman March 14th 2003 01:44

My other car is a...
Here is mine:

Superman March 14th 2003 01:45

ricola March 14th 2003 04:29

I don't have another car, speedster all the way!

Chris Percival March 14th 2003 06:52

Type 4!!!

I also have a MK2 Golf GL and a Honda Civic..

vujade March 14th 2003 07:43

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here is my other car that I just paid off this week :D

bren March 14th 2003 09:02

between mandy and myself, we have:
a knackered GT bug thats mid-resto (stock)
a 72 1200
and a 76 panelvan thats going german/euro look..

Rob March 14th 2003 09:03

Here's mine
Boxers all the way !!

Boxers rule :D :D


hot66 March 14th 2003 09:08

no piccys of my other cars but I have :

Company Landrover Freelander (& yes I do go off road as I work in Farming :D )

Audi A4 2.6 V6 Quattro that the wife drives during the week

Sandeep March 14th 2003 11:30

In the summer I have no other car but my Bug!

But in the winter I drive a 1997 Honda Accord EXR (Stock, no Rice for me !!)


NYBugman1972 March 14th 2003 11:50

Updated info on Page 3 :agree:

eldavid March 14th 2003 12:42

My other car is a Z28 .
My other other car is a Sentra .


Supa Ninja March 14th 2003 13:27

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Here's my Daily Driver.

lightning bug March 14th 2003 17:07

Hopefully I'll have my digi-cam this weekend, but anyway.... I have a '96 GTI VR6 and a '84 Rabbit GTI.

TitoRay March 15th 2003 03:01

Other car...?? ;)

My other car is a, well, heh, a Volkswagen Super Beetle!:cool:

Angelo Amato March 15th 2003 15:48

1.8 Turbo Sport Passat 18 inch rims

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