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57Drag October 12th 2003 10:05

Started changing my body.....
Pulled the body off my 57 drag car today.A simple job?Hell no, some moron patched the floor and i guess he was planing on running with the damn drag boats?He glassed over perfectly fine heater channels,down over the body seal,all the way to the tunnel.WTF was he thinking?One a lighter note,and itchy skin,i had to run a air chizzel all the way around the pan(from the inside).I won't mention the 4 or 5 places he patched the body (to the pan).After i cut along the body seal with the air chizzel,i pulled the fiberglass from the heater channels with my hands,pliars,and screwdrivers.Please don't do body repair if you really not sure WTF is going on!!!!!!I feel better pic are coming after my dad watches the race tonight,I'll keep you up on the 57..........Doanld.....

He sent all the pics but the one of the super fiberglass rapair????their on my star photo site..

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