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LOAF April 23rd 2006 14:23

I NEED TO VENT.. Hate NYC cab drivers
Yesterday it was raining.. I was with my family (wife, and 7 mo infant) heading to pickup my mom.. Drove thru NYC.. only to realize cab drivers are getting more and more aggressive. They honk if the light is red, and try to drive over you when it turns green..

Well as fate would have it.. we were stopped at a light getting ready to make a left when out of nowhere I hear something approaching, brakes screeching, and then the unavoidable crash.. The Dumb #)%^&(#$% driver plowed into the rear of our pathfinder (that was stopped at the light).. He was zooming in the rain, and somehow missed the fact that a car was stopped at the light..

Well the impact was hard, no shattered glass, and no serious injuries.. Thank God for good quality baby seats.. (side note: don't ever be cheap in the department, I am glad the seat came thru, would not hesitate to pay any price for the protection of a loved one)
Wife suffered some minor strain in her neck, and back..

I aggitated my back and neck as well as wrist from the impact and stearing wheel..

I initally jumped out of the car getting ready to drop the cabbie but before I ran to him, I checked to see if anyone was hurt.. that initially calmed me down, but I did let him have it verbally.. and tried to keep my cool..

Called parametics to make sure wife, and son were ok.. I ended up going to hospital too, since after the adrenaline left the body started to feel pain..

Car was hurt.. oh well.. must say that the tow hitch saved the day as it seems to have boxed the frame and given the rear some added strength.. Now waiting for monday or adjuster to come see the car..

Looking into getting a lawyer to make sure bills get paid.. as well as any follow on therapy, which I think I will need..

Man I am soooo :mad:

If these knuckle heads would just drive like normal folks and not be so aggresive we would not have these stupid accidents..

Any recommendations appreciated.. going to lay down.. and take some more motrin..

Like I said, I thank God no one was seriously hurt, I can deal with the material stuff.. it hurts the pockets but you over come.. Nothing was more of a relief than seeing my little fellow smiling.. and the wife giving me the thumbs up as to being ok.. :)
Thanks for listening..

vwdmc16 April 26th 2006 22:40

tough story man

i'll never live near new york, too many taxis and too crowded

Yellow69 August 23rd 2006 09:49

I'm so glad you and the fam are ok. And with that being said...this is the reason I try hard to never take a cab in NYC. The only times I do are when its pouring rain or really really hot. Taking the subway in the summer is like going into the bowels of hell (not that I know what thats like but I wouldnt be suprised if I find out one day :p) Buses are not an option. You could walk to where you're going quicker than taking a stupid bus.
I actually don't really mind driving in the city though. My 1st time was about 10 years ago and I was scared out of my mind. Only because I didnt know where I was going. But now Im fine with it. I guess it would take something like this happenening to me for me to not want to drive there anymore. For now, I enjoy it. It's kind of exhilirating. I feel like a racecar driver having to weave in and out of traffic.LOL You have to drive like they do otherwise you're in trouble! I guess things would be different if I had children and had them in the car with me. I would probably avoid the city at all costs.
Anyway...I saw this post as I was browsing and felt the need to comment because I'm bored and eh! I'm a Noo Yawka and most of us just can't keep our mouths SHUT! :laugh: You bein' from NJ and being so close to us wackjobs probably know that already :p

Originally Posted by vwdmc16
tough story man

i'll never live near new york, too many taxis and too crowded

Living near NYC isnt a big deal. I live near NYC and its not any more crowded than any other suburban area..or maybe it is and I'm just used to it. It's living IN NYC that most people who aren't into crowds and traffic and noise wouldnt enjoy. I happen to be a very flexible person and could probably live anywhere. :rolleyes:

Again, LOAF, I'm glad you are all ok. Those NYC cab drivers are nuts. I would rather get on a tiny plane than ride with one of those idiots!

R2.0 August 23rd 2006 16:09

DO NOT forget to get reimbursement for new car seats. They are supposed to be replaced when in a crash. Do so, but don't throw the old ones away! The insurance company will want to have them in exchange for giving you money for replacements (it's to keep folks from re-using them/eBaying them, so I see their point).


zeroaxe August 23rd 2006 16:17

Well, there is three things in life you dont touch....:
My family.
And my (hard earned)money/stuff!

(please note: in that order!)

Now, saying that, even if I was in your situation and seen that the wife and kid was ok, I would still have tried to level him. Sorry, but I have a short temper, AND that is one of the things I dont like 'being touched'. Problem is that I know I will only get myself in more trouble, but I have no time and space/patience for POS like him, effectively taking other people's lives in his hands:mad: let's say you car was not stopped there, and this dips**t tried skipping the light(which he would've done if you car was not stopped, right?) and running over a pedestrian!?!?!

Grrrr,,,,,,,let me get off my soap box and have something to eat and drink!

Glad to hear your family is ok, and best of luck with immediate (and after) therapy! Let the b-tard PAY!!!

LOAF August 23rd 2006 17:38

Thanks guys..
Everyone is doing well, my fingers still hurt when the weather changes, or if I do work on the beetle :( but no pain no gain on the car..

Being a former military (Marine), I have USAA.. they are quite competitive, at times not the cheapest, but the Customer Care has been excellent.. I just faxed my receipt to them this past week, they said they would cover it.. not sure how much since the original was a Graco infant seat and the new one is a Britax.. little of a price difference.. but any money is better than no money.. They did not mention anything except discarding the old one since that is what the manufacturer suggests..

Regarding not dropping the guy like a sack.. Being a Marine I get hot headed quickly but "calm under fire prevailed".. Don't get me wrong, I was running at the guy, for what he did, but in a split second (at least that is what it felt like) I realized I needed check on everyone, and during that time I calmed down enough to not approach the guy with flying fists.. was close, let me tell you, was close.. I had to repeat to the guy to stay the F away.. Not proper language, but oh well..

If I wasn't there a young couple would have bit it.. my car being a truck did not jump that far, but a smaller car would have crushed those poor pedestrians.. mind you I don't stop at the crosswalk and block it as most NY/NJ folks do.. Learned that one from the wife's preaching ;)

I don't mind the city and continue to go.. use to live in Queens and went to school in the Bronx (Maritime College).. I remember taking the subway in the summer, oh what fun.. as well as taking the bus to HS.. again oh what fun..

If there is a take away from all this is you need to watch you six.. specially for fast mover yellow cabs..
Again thanks for letting me vent..

Yellow69 August 24th 2006 11:27


Originally Posted by LOAF
mind you I don't stop at the crosswalk and block it as most NY/NJ folks do.. Learned that one from the wife's preaching ;)

You stop at crosswalks? WOW!! Forget about blocking em...most people dont even stop and if you happen to walk while someone is headed in your direction you get the NY wave and a few choice words thrown in your direction. Walking in NY is more hazardous than playing Russian Roulette IMO. :rolleyes:

Again...Im glad you and the family are OK and that what happened hasn't deterred you from going back to the city. NYC gets a bad rap but it's one of the best places to visit...but maybe Im just partial :p

BTW Are you going to the Fall Classic in Englishtown in Oct?

krems August 26th 2006 20:28

taxi's are taxis...have a similar story, only with my sister's civic instead :bawling:

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