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Phat73VW May 18th 2006 22:48

Garage clean out sale! Misc parts for sale!
I was cleaning out my garage today and found some stuff I'd rather not throw away. If you see anything you like please feel free to let me know.

Passenger side door in pretty good condition has some surface rust but nothing major. i beleive its from a late model vert because it has the door lock on the top of the door and not with the handle. its just a bare door no window regulator or panel. Also comes with latch and handle.

Dual Kadron original metal filter housings with tops. $20

Phat73VW May 18th 2006 22:51

Original front bumper impact strip used but still in good condition $40

Unused Empi manifolds for kadrons SOLD

Unused Empi license plate holder with light SOLD

Black plastic mirrors very old but unused. i got them form Jon at TOPLINE a few years ago and the original packaging was so old the company who made them isnt even around anymore. I beleive they are for sedans but can be modified to fit verts i just never got around to doing it $15

TOW74 May 19th 2006 10:32

What's up playa?

I would like to get the empi kadron manifolds. How much would shipping be to Maryland? Zip is 20815. Thanks, TOW74

Phat73VW May 20th 2006 05:22

ill let you know in the morning... errr in a few hours... :D

Phat73VW May 26th 2006 04:40

manifolds and license plate holder are sold...

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