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721302 September 10th 2006 23:46

saved anthor beetle
just bought a 71 super for 150 bucks that was on its way to the scrap yard in the morning. got it from a local guy that just sells scrap for a living. just happened to drive by and saw it loaded up and stopped to ask about it. it's rusty but complete and the engine turns over. i think it was smiling at me as i packed up my tools after tinkering with it for a few hours today. or it was just the mangled front apron and the moonlight? anyhow i'm just glad its in a vw nuts hands now where it will be safe.

chug_A_bug September 11th 2006 00:44

awwww that's great lets see some pics :)

zeroaxe September 11th 2006 02:34

<Herbie Fully loaded moment in the scrap yard, image here>


alt+f4 September 11th 2006 22:14

Man there have been so many I wanted to save....but without the $$ its hard ( I mean I couldnt even rub two pennies together).

I did Save a 67 Ghia once.

721302 September 12th 2006 00:20

well i had a chance to tinker with it a little more and discovered that the reason they may not have been able to get it running is cause theres no rotor button in the distruibuter and the fuel line bypasses the pump and hooks straights to the carb. i did see where someone at sometime had a electric pump mounted in the truck and have extended the lines to reach into the spare tire well. i'm gonna try running a fuel line from a gas can to the pump then to the carb and put in a rotor and see what happens.

alt+f4 September 12th 2006 01:16

HA HA HA!!! Their loss your gain!!! Its nice to find something that was thought to be crap, but is actually good because of somebodies mistake!!

721302 September 17th 2006 16:09

well i finally had time to tinker with the car again and i guess the starter is locked up or the solenoid is just bad cause it wont crank at all, even with power jumped right to the solenoid. i'm going to try anthor starter and see if that fixes it. at least the starter is easy to get at cause the whole rear package tray is rusted on a positive note it does have a 009 distributer in it.:D

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