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shakajava July 3rd 2008 00:15

Shakajava's 71' Super
I just bought a 71' Super! Through researching VW Beetles to buy my wife her dream car I stumbled across this and several others VW sites. It is truly amazing where the Love Bug has gone!!
I use to think VW Beetles as being Grandma's car or something hippies love to drive around. They always seemed to be slow, dirty, and junking! Not any more! Thanks to you all it became apparent to me that this is the way to go! A sports car in a classic. Four way independent suspension, disk brakes, lowered and lots of power!

I hope to turn this...

Into this...

I DO have a plan and it will take me a few years to get it on the road. So I am going to use this forum to update my family and friends of where the project is at. Yes, I will be spending some $$$ on this guy!

shakajava July 3rd 2008 00:26

I went on this web site to make a preview:

wrenchnride247 July 3rd 2008 22:18

Welcome to the GL world! Look's like a good starting point. Keep us posted on progress, or questions.

smithe68 July 5th 2008 00:44

Hurry up and get to work on that thing so I can come over and learn a thing or two!

Kafer_Mike July 5th 2008 22:56

Pretty solid from the picture. Looks like the hood release cable (and handle) needs to be replaced... ;)

shakajava July 7th 2008 03:00

Just took the carpet and padding out and found mainly surface rust here are there. Of course the pan needs to be wire brushed, conditioned, and POR15. I will be replacing all the fenders and rear deck (hood). I think it will just be easier in the long run for the restoration. I want the least amount of rust as possible.
The front hood is messed up but I think it will work. I also got a quote for $700 to plastic bead blast the body. What do you all think? Good price?

I plan on having no back seats and installing a deck with a locking lid in the back instead. I want the room for running to the store, work, gym, road trip, etc. I already looked at used 3-7 year old leather heated seats from the local wrecking yard. I found 4 Volvo front seat sets and I didn't even look at all the rest. I want new modern seats that are heated and are electric. Yes, maybe even a set out of a new gen VW Beetle. They sell them at a really good price! I have to make measurements and see what will fit. I will most likely have to do a little welding and cutting to make it fit.

shakajava October 12th 2008 13:58

Sorry with no updates. I have been working on my wife's 69' Cal-look over the last few months. I plan on getting the 71' super out of the driveway and back into the garage soon!

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